Podcasts and radio
Aimee Lee interviewed me here for a podcast, March 13, 2013
Papermaking Interview for NCPR (North Country Public Radio), Lamar Bliss, Canton

Hand Papermaking, Summer 2015, review of Kigami and Kami-Ito
The Bonefolder Papermaking at Wake Robin 
Bonefolder Extras, review of Susan Kapusinski Gaylords catalog: The Spirit Books
Spin-Off Sad Songs of Spring
The News Basket Snow Shoes, Free Form Basketry, The Bramhalls

Artists' books 
12 Moons, unique shifu and pressure printed book
A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing, edition of 50, 12 special 
November Song, edition of two, boxed, 2014
Actias Luna 
No Songs But Crickets 
31 Days/August
Magic Lilies
Spring Walk 
A Natural History of 2012
Indigo Patterns 

Artists' books in special collections 
University of Utah, Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, UT
University of Rochester, Library Special Collections, Rochester, NY
University of Buffalo Lockwood Library, Buffalo, NY
Baylor University Library Special Collections, Waco,TX
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneaplois, MN
St Lawrence University Owen D Young Library Special Collections, Canton, NY 
Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, Library Resource Center, Estes Park, CO       
College of the Atlantic, Library Special Collections, Bar Harbor, ME
University of Washington, Oodegaard Library Special Collections, Seattle, WA
Swarthmore College, Libraary Special Collections, Saratoga Springs, NY

A Little Book About Shifu, and Botanical Pressure Printing, Wake Robin Press, 2016
November, A Map, edition of 41, Caliban Press, 2015
November Song, A Hortus Siccus, Wake Robin 
24 Nests, Warwick Press
Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus, Wake Robin
A Useful Sort of Creature, Wake Robin
A Milkweed Primer, Wake Robin

Handmade paper, contact prints for artists & other collaborations 
Caliban Press: The Tempest, Adirondack Sutra, November, A Map
Warwick Press
Leopard Studio Editions
Mother Tree, Helen Hiebert
Tree Whispers, Marilyn Sward
The Pantone Postcard Project, Emily Martin
Hysterical Ecstacy Spiderlegs, Cathy Tedford, Mary Baker, myself

Rain Garden

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