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Handmade Plant Papers

This stack includes slippery elm, day lily, cotton, abaca, milkweed, hosta, iris, 
canada thistle, corn husk, rhubarb, wild clematis papers.

Decorated Papers

Decorated with natural dyeing, inks, contact printing, drawing, mark making of many kinds.

joomchi kozo
joomchi kozo with wool handspun singles

kozo joomchi process with walnut (2 sheets fused into 1)


a spun and woven paper textile

lokta moro-jifu
(paper warp and weft)
on simple good wood loom
detail with walnut dyed inlay
four selvedge loom
lokta moro-jifu
weaving likta moro-jifu on stump loom

12 Moons

2 signatures contact printed pages with graphite shifu 

inside front cover
flax paper, silk organdy endsheets

A Year of Wooden Books

12 contact printed books
poplar boards, coptic bound 

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