Saturday, November 21, 2015

long view

 vertigo for me
i hate towers and bridges,
and this one here is totally see through steel mesh.
yet i persevered.
  i could see for miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles. here
from the road to the new place i call home
 where this big one
 greets me as the sun
goes down.
 inside i examine
a woodcock
 a strange bird
that i learned
 when i fist came to the north country.
his call is odd,
his eyes way up high
his body awkward
and yet he flies here in spring and was, until a couple of days ago
still found here.
this one will be a meal.
i must get used to having fresh fowl around
as well as fresh vegetables,
and my favorites, 
the wild berries.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


barely past
 i stop and look
 and the sun keeps illuminating 
 of this wetland
 a refuge for many many birds 
and their friends.
 and just up the road 
 another group 
 of ladies
 greet the
frosted winter sun.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


sometimes i remember to make a record
of what i'm doing.

why, i wonder,
because it's like this: all the making of all the years of all the ideas
concertina themselves
(which is also why i forget things...)
become one thing only: 
a life in a place.
the new place i call home
(while i still live in the old place called home)
is rich in ridges.
concertina landscape
this ridge i've cleaned out,
the slope is steeper than it looks,
and my partner moved some rocks that are available 
to become part of a garden.
 it's resting now, as winter comes on. 
that meadow 
the ridge points to,
i've seen a coyote lope through
pausing now and again one morning
and i've watched three deer, no four
make their way up to the ridge, 
over and around it.
i saw a mink scurry past the tip of this ridge.
here and gone, quick quick!
today, as yesterday,
i walked around home, old home
gethering greens
and tiny blossoming goldenrods, three fern species,
wild grapes, applemint
rose, honeysuckle, and raspberry leaves
and one rose hip
thick staghorn sumac antlers.
the goldenrod flowers shock me
blossoming on the regenerated growth
after the august field mow.
all this abundance in the middle 
of november!
all this abundance when
it's likely as not frozen and gray and brown and harsh.
today i walked briefly
tired after six hours of printing,
and i saw myself being watched
by a young, furry and large-eared doe.
a this year fawn, 
mostly grown up
attending to me ("is she safe, is she crazy?")
as i went up my walk:
"hello, little one, i'm going in the house, 
eat well and safely there
my friend."
she stood alert,
watching as i went indoors.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

round the place

teaching this fall.
has taken a toll.
somehow i wanted to put a brave face on things
so here i am.
i hate being photographed.
 these are some of the doings here:
shanna leino sent me this lovely elk folder
 which i didn't need
but wanted because it's beautiful.
it's slight curve perfectly fits my hand.
i love the carving.
 there have been mornings
early, before sunrise,
of misty skeins
days of these, but only a few photos.
 the ladies appeared when i wasn't watching.
 and moss and lichen continue to make soil
here from asphalt shingles.
 there are a few rose leaves holding on.
 and my old windows badly in need of scraping and painting,
 become a mirror for an autumn sunset.
 my camera is not doing well
but this funky old door
in need of paint and unpainted 
because i love the texture.
 autumn winds are doing their part.
 sweeping leaves from their deciduous mamas.
 and the light in late afternoon is brilliant
if it's not raining.
 we've had a long lingering warm fall.
 on my drive to work i spotted something wonderful!
 far off through thick woods
invisible before because of the thick leaves,
a BIG power line travels.
and on it
this glorious huge nest.
 those are STICKS not twigs.
osprey? eagle?
and what i thought was a raven quarking and landing in a distant tree, 
appears instead to be a hawk.
i have been making long, large prints
 for a large book.
round the place i'll know that fall is here.

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