Tuesday, September 16, 2014

without internet

i spent some time away from the computer.
 and i drove myself to bar harbor
then to machias
then to lubec

 there were mermaids
 and early mornings
 blueberry barrens
 i went to the new england guild of bookworkers
mini conference
exploring the tip of maine.
first off,
i visited machias
and the university of maine at machias'
book arts program
where i spent some time 
after arriving an hour late
with bernie vinzani
i lost my car, for a little while.
i checked in at the cobscook community learning center (cclc)
got my room and lost my keys.
until the drive home on sunday.
 that night alan furth, cclc director
and walter tisdale, and gray parrot, both legendary book designers, 
and let us touch their books!
supper was delicious, 
with a chocolate to die for thing for dessert.
 the next day i sat for three hours
messing around with 
gouache, watercolor, glair, pens, paper
and nancy leavitt guided us
in making beautiful letters and marks and new colors.
 lunch and then an afternoon with katie macgreggor
at her papermill
making paper, talking and looking at paper.
then there were libations and snacks
and a chance to buy paper and some of nancy's things, too.
then supper back at cclc.
 supper was something called blueberry chicken
a little odd in color
but amazingly delicious.
that night david yarborough, maine's blueberry specialist
spoke about the wild blueberry 
and it's importance in maine's ecosystem and economy.
 i left at 5:30 a.m.
and the sunrose in my rearview mirror
there were beautiful things to look at
and i took out my camera
after not touching it since bar harbor. 
 i would like to live right here.
(but i have a beautiful new home waiting for 
a bit more plumbing
and some other things.)
and then there was 
a fun thing this morning
on the way to work:
 i actually took a bunch of photos
and this one watched me 
and went back to exploring whatever it was 
in the grass.
travelling then home
what could be better? 

Monday, September 8, 2014

september days shortening

 over at thee new place
arbor vitae shingles 
 the first books in my studio
 late fall greens: 
kale, lettuce, broccoli rape, spinach
 back home, 
the neighbor's harvest
 near their stripey roof
 asters and goldenrod
autumn neighbors
a light show nearby.
day three of students, check.
it's a busy and rich
group of students... very different
but good.
this coming weekend: a book arts event 
in maine, near new brunswick.
i forgot to mention monarchs--
it used to be that
you could see loose clouds of them
along my hedgerow
as they prepped for whatever migration they were on.
but lately there are few.
today i saw maybe ten which made my heart soar.
and when i saw two sky dancing 
in proximity, and,
well, i just had to dance a little myself.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

blueberries and red cabbage

blueberries and red cabbage
 this is indeed something i don't usually do
reuse dye liquor or
throw in (aged and inedible) blueberries
or food
for that matter
but there was an excess, a lovely excess of purplyness
along with some red cabbage.
 it was my pot, 
my maine class.
and incredible energy.
i went back to school tuesday
my class doubled in size, 
and those newbies need totally different programming.
three grade levels.
we have a new room
with loads of space
and it's on the first floor!
(my knees thank the powers that be).
but oh, my, huge changes in two years...
thank goodness for the best assistant in the universe.
we are planning a bit of cooking and making
along with academics.
 there are a couple more of this edition
 of poplar covers
coptic bound contact printed books
still unbound, 
but waiting!
my edition binding friends tell me that it's
challenging to finish.
geesh! they're right!

Monday, September 1, 2014

labor day

labor day,
the port in a storm
called schooling.
today i got some things ready for school
found a few things to make me happy.
 elder almost ready
(and some joe pye weed) 
at the new place.
which reminded me to look at the wild grapes.
they are looking good, too.
 a friend visited this morning.
it was very large, over three inches, 
dark green and fiercely white 
and i couldn't 
identify it.
i scared someone with it
before i returned it to the garden,
he he he, 
do you know this caterpillar?
families are spectacular.
this is someone who is hiding out
in viking mode.
have you seen this person?

Saturday, August 30, 2014


it's a sky
changing changing
 over at the new place
the lovely green roof 
(yes, i see that it looks silver, but it's not)
two chimneys
a care package came from aimee

i needed to 
connect with some paper
some fiber
something gifted was perfect
those greens are from the milkweed i harvested 
in cleveland in july.
she always understands this. 
it's happening right here at home
in fact,
it began two weeks ago
but i played 
but next week
school begins
and i will become a teacher

Thursday, August 28, 2014

monday editions on thursday

hanging out in another's studio was fun
 especially since i was there 
to lead four artists 
into the depths of contact printing on paper
and a bit of cloth as well
 merike's work is rich 
and i had so much fun 
looking around her workspace
when i wasn't working
 we enjoyed the riches of plants and papers
 and worked in the maine woods
right next door was new hampshire
you could straddle the line
if you were so inclined.
 at night i had fun slippers to wear
with my nightie
 and sometimes there is 
a funny mystery in a world of mystery
 while i travelled,
susan gaylord mentioned 
her next 
spirit book
 will have my papers in it!
susan had a table at
the book arts bazaar in april
in portland maine
and we finally met,
and she bought some botanical paper.
 i love when this happens.
 then i went to acadia and mt desert island...
here is sand beach
 where i looked at the beach up close
 and in another direction...
i loved the seaweed this trip,
 the layers of ocean 
 at the northeast harbor library
i looked at some woolies
 and skateboard art
 then hannah took me to
thuya garden
a grand door
 garden gate
and a big pot
 and woods,
carefully nurtured and 
featuring the great north woods.
 even the trailing stuff was intentional.
 details of the lodge 
the summer house
 there was a pool here.
 tiny details almost overstepped
 and these!
 this zinc sink 
made me happy
 as did the ruffed grouse
and these two family hooligans
were hamming for the camera.
it was a whirlwind trip,
and i have still
to catch up.
here in pixie space,
wrote a lovely piece
about our fun collaboration,
a measure, a book,