Wednesday, August 16, 2017


my post from sunday i've decided NOT to post
everyone who stops here knows
understands our crazy country, and knows they must act.
here is the project that rowland ricketts asked for community participation from
so here, 
in the north country,
i put this square in my window.
 we will see what the northern sun does to a circle of indigo cotton cloth.
(i have chosen circle over square)
 so there's some ai in the window 
until december.
in town at st lawrence university
 peace paper project is installing a show.
 since i will be co-teaching book arts there this fall.
i am privy to some of the excitement,
and have been hanging around
making paper
and talking to drew matott.
who gifted me this.
 this piece was printed on paper made from the american flag.
flag paper.
hand papermaking.
 this exhibit shows what is going on
in many spots in the world
as handpapermaking 
and making art from that paper
inspires social justice.
 iphoto is the program i have a wee understanding of.
silly iphoto 
superimposed or whatever you call it
some of today's images.
i wanted to tell you about jim koss's new book of poems
(available from amazon).
i am so happy to have this book to dive into.
the photo is sort of what's happening in my brain right now.
nevertheless i make work.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


 i've been working with hemp
these sheets are hemp top that i processed
in Zone 4's valley beater
 using three pigments procured 
from melbourne etching
caput morte, raw sienna, terre vert.
learning to manage retention aid after too many years.
 and a sweet message arrived from seattle with the 
prospectus for Jim Koss's new book
 and these special needles,
thank you Kate!
 save pulp
 the beater/press room at Zone 4

 hemp sliver half beaten
yesterday's batch was a fine warm white hemp sliver
looking forward to seeing how the pigments work on this stuff.

 this beater and i have some history

 lovely stuff
 just before finishing.
just under 2 hours of beating.
my hannah sent me this lovely bone feather
that i can string and wear.
and so far the weekend is only half over!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

worlds turn

this morning i was reminded again
of beauty,
and human doings.
it's rained so much here
and where i was out west, not enough.
not enough and forest fires
i am feeling normal and fit now
i can lift pulp-filled buckets again.
 this sign placed by my new amish neighbors has a subscript:
no sunday sales
 the semintals look on
  i love her piebald face hiding behind goldenrod
her tiny whiskers sunlit
 on cattle

 here's their pasture
with all the things:
woodhenge, signage, machinery, 
that woodsy area on the right borders my place
 across the road is their old stripey barn
 robin's eggshell on my drive
 this week i printed
made paper
(paper photos to come)
 these were pretty fine
 and the pot is fine, too
 terra enamel diaper pot.
sort that one out for fun!

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