Saturday, August 5, 2017

worlds turn

this morning i was reminded again
of beauty,
and human doings.
it's rained so much here
and where i was out west, not enough.
not enough and forest fires
i am feeling normal and fit now
i can lift pulp-filled buckets again.
 this sign placed by my new amish neighbors has a subscript:
no sunday sales
 the semintals look on
  i love her piebald face hiding behind goldenrod
her tiny whiskers sunlit
 on cattle

 here's their pasture
with all the things:
woodhenge, signage, machinery, 
that woodsy area on the right borders my place
 across the road is their old stripey barn
 robin's eggshell on my drive
 this week i printed
made paper
(paper photos to come)
 these were pretty fine
 and the pot is fine, too
 terra enamel diaper pot.
sort that one out for fun!


  1. love the way the gentle beauty and subtle colours of your land is reflected in your work

  2. this place is beautiful, and is beginning to change, bowing towards autumn.

  3. So glad you are feeling better - and love how you can measure that by picking up pulp! Our days are lengthening and lightening, the world is turning and we find new paths to new seasons. Go well.

  4. fiona, and our days are shortening, and i've seen some red touches in the woods...i wanted to make paper before i had the ok to lift more than 10 pounds! now i can haul around a couple of 5 gallon buckets, this week full of hemp pulp.

  5. still...(warning! unsolicited opinion!!)
    i'd hire a hauler and stay chilling for a couple more weeks.


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