Wednesday, February 5, 2014

three walks, so far

i'm finally getting some walks in
and i sleep better
 and each walk has had gifts
even sundogs (i remembered, arija!)
 but before i left yesterday i found
where this one is going
 it's found a hidey hole
under the little back deck
 not a good thing because i know
that come spring
it will be pungent with fewmets.
they saw me first
but then i saw this.
and then, well
today a big snow came down!
 so this morning
they seem to be sinking
but the snow was
instead coming, then blowing, 
blowing still tonight.


aimee said...

i wish i could walk with you!

Velma Bolyard said...

me, too, aimee! soon, at least in july maybe?

Valerianna said...

Great skies...

Sophie Munns said...

Beautiful walks I can only imagine!

Anonymous said...

those first sky pics are fabulous but the corn ladies look to-o cold. I'm not walking in that weather, maybe in July!

neki desu said...

i am a walk convert.the difference in sleep with a non walk day is astounding

Arija said...

Thanks for the sundog. Walks certainly lift one's spirits. I haven't been able to in the heat we have been experiencing.
Worth going out even in the blizzard to blow the cobwebs from your heat.

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, you know!
sophie, a different beauty
jean, i love walking in the cold, just not blizzarding conditions
neki, i'm newly reminded…this winter many day have been unwalkable
arija, we get lots of sky dancing. i'm blowing a cool breeze your way. maybe it'll follow me next week?

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