Wednesday, May 14, 2014

wake robin

here it is!
spring ~ trillium ~ wake robin
many white ones, and few reds
commonly called stink pots
 my favorite of the neighbor clydesdales
the old ford
 downerville or donnerville
depends on which side you're on!
 wake robins at donnerville
 before the new leaves
that are clogging up
our view!
 everything's all about survival
and that pesky mouse returned
 valerie asked about the corn ladies
here they are 
on their way to the barn
where they will provide feed
for the duration.
 spring work:
plowing after taking 
the ladies home.
our amish neighbors show us
thrift and industry,
home economics,
but also a slower way.
to see the spring.
i strive for something betwixt
to dive down deeper
to plant my dreaming deep
(with apologies to may sarton).


Valerianna said...

Oh! I will miss seeing the corn ladies in their field! But, good that they will do the work they were meant to do. I saw a Wake Robin the other day while driving, spotted it on the side of the road and thought of you. Still no trilliums in the forest, hings is taking a long time to wake up here!

Margaret said...

Never saw a red trillium before. Perhaps they don't grow north of The Border...Love the hardy horses. :-)

Arija said...

Never seen a red trillium before, in Canada we only had white and pink ones. Love your shots of Amish spring.

Suzanna said...

I love to see the horses working...waiting patiently...

Anonymous said...

wonderful signs of Spring. don't think Western Canada has red trilliums, they are a lovely surprise.

Leena said...

Lovely trilliums,and the last lines of your posting gave me something to think for this day (your posts are always thought provoking), thank you:)

Leena said...

I meant thought provoking in a very good way:)

neki desu said...

that river!

Alice said...

Gorgeous trillium. Here in SC they are pink. I come from a family of Donners, but don't know which side of the river.

mjc said...

So beautiful, all. I'm more than a bit wistful here in my gridded, boxed-in, concreted city environment. Thank you (always) for giving us these lovely bits of the north country

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, it's 82 degrees in town today! the ladies will reappear i believe, come fall.
margaret, well that's interesting...the white is the flower of ontario i believe--
arija, i try to be very respectful while photographing the amish...and i don't know if the red ones migrate over the border?!
suzanna, oh, me too!
jean, apparently canada has few/no red ones!
leena, thank you. i love that!
neki, i love it, been swimming in it many many times
alice, we have some pink ones and pale green, too.
melissa, your boxed garden is beautiful, anyway. remind mr chance of that!

jude said...

everything seems in prder

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, all's right with the world.

Gardener in the Distance said...

Your mouse has been very busy, Velma, if not creative...
You've reminded me of milk-delivery Clydesdales kept in a paddock when I was a boy, which paddock is now all suburbia. I can still remember that early morning clip-clop, such a reassuring sound.

jo so and sew said...

Hi Velma
I did the course with you at Beautiful Silks in Melbourne. I am having great fun dyeing paper... but I haven't been able to get the deep oranges from the eucalyptus like I do on silk/wool.... is it just a matter of trying more time in the pot?
I would appreciate any suggestions you might have
Cheers, and thanks,

Velma Bolyard said...

faisal, milk delivery in my town was by my brother-in-law in a step van...these five beauties always charm me!
jo! i've emailed you, but so glad you checked in!

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