Saturday, July 19, 2014

dyeing to get ready

i've been dyeing and making books and
making numerous trips to the post office
and being a helper
to my sister
her shoulder is healing nicely.
some of my three layer silk
top piece dyed with fresh indigo last summer
and then
both dyed this week with st john's wort
and other stuff
all in paper bundles
and this bunch was ready for the next dyeing
those papers were grand.
roz shared a wonderful
interview with squeak carnwath
and she has this to say:
Artists are—I think of us as radio receivers. Our job is to be available, to accept information and to make it visible. And it works best when the information that we accept is the information we recognize as a part of our deeper self. We’re all individuals, but we’re also kind of the same. And it’s personal, but it can’t just be that. It can’t just be what I had for breakfast or what color hair I have. I think it has to be so that someone else can say, "That’s mine." The viewer has to be able to claim ownership.
making the edition
hortus siccus
board books, edition of 10
two spoken for
the boards were sanded 
by my students as service learning.
there is the occasional foldout or gatefold, depending.
 boards are poplar
or popple as they say  around here.
and lastly, 
there are a bunch of us who joined in
this book includes 
many, me, too. india provided a platform
for her students
to share what they do.
to honor them.
but perhaps she didn't realize this
was also a way to honor her right back.
then, another little blurb book:
and she's written a new one
it's one of my very favorites
it seems so bright and well developed and clear
and very very rich
words of deeper knowing and dyeing, 
and some even about paper, yay!
this book is really wonderful.
this coming week i prep for two classes at the 
which will be fun!
mouse activity is more vigorous this summer
than ever, ever before. 
and then there's chipmunk relocation.
but i persevere!


Mo Crow said...

such beautiful books holding the spirit of your land

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, many thanks, you know a thing or two about spirit--

Ms. said...

i'm SO inspired when I look in here. If I could I surely would order something...but for now, just admiration and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wonderful board books - I treasure mine, perfect in every way.

Barry said...

Hi V - I always love the notion of a potion brewing in your cauldron changing paper and fabric. Looking good. Go well and glad your sister is improving. B

india flint said...

thank you for the kind words, Velma

Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, very sweet of you to say that.
jean, i'm glad. you have the first one!
barry, for too many years i've had a pot on the kitchen stove...dye, pulp, more family used to say, "oh, yuck, that stinks, mom"
india, you're the bomb. (that's good in teenager)

neki desu said...

can't find the right qualifying adjective for your books

Velma Bolyard said...

neki, none needed, i'm glad you looked!

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