Friday, December 5, 2014

sunsets quietly

 this week
all week
my back, my strong never achy back
 got injured somehow...
stress, age, old injury
 i have taken to doing core strengtheners
some exercises and heat
and a couple of pharmaceuticals.
the back is doing better now, but i am tired
my bones are tired, my brain feels fuzzy.
 it's been quite cold
but the snow is gone again.
 and school, my work
has been, shall we say, theatrical.
you would hardly believe what's happening in public education
it makes my back ache, my head spin.
there are some things that brighten my days
like this sunset yesterday.
 i am hoping december will soften things a bit
some snow, 
some caring, 
some love
i will miss the small miracles
for grumpinesses.


aimee said...

oh, velma. it's been hard to know you are having such a tough time and the back, especially. but thinking of you a lot and hoping for the small miracles, too.

Anonymous said...

it is hard to imagine that you won't find the small miracles - and never grumpy. i hope the back gets better quickly, nagging back pain is enough to get anyone down. too bad that the job has become such a challenge. take care, be kind to yourself.

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine you being truly grumpy. You'll find the miracles that no one else notices and celebrate their existence. That's my wish for you. Well, that and that your back heals soon. If you need a bit of comical relief, you can borrow my little urchins. Ha!

Velma Bolyard said...

aimee, thanks, the back is much better and i'm open for miracles
jean, thanks, jean
jennifer, your urchins would put smiles on my face, for sure!

Ms. said...

Tonight Velma--

As for overworked and abused backs, besides the hot pack and cold pack treatment, I've found that the homeopathic 'Traumeel' both salve and pellet is most helpful. Of course, rest when possible is best. And, in the cold weather I often wear a wrap at my lower lumbar. May you be well.

Mo Crow said...

these photos are beautiful Velma, be well dear lady!

jude said...

i feel icky lately. maybe the humidity. i ache for no reason. oops, maybe old!

Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, thanks. i am open to advice, and know that daily stretching if not yoga is what i need
mc, thank you, i'm getting better
jude, yes. old-just had my 58th birthday.

Valerianna said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about our back.... I used to (knock on wood!) have trouble with my back, its been a long, long while, but last spring I had a sudden flare up, NOT fun. And, I was visiting friends in Vermont. I was fine, stepped out of the car for a few day visit and, ouch, that was IT!

Great sunsets, though. Good luck with the theatrics, hope you are either in one of the better roles or are the director ( though, I suppose I know the answer to that)

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, it will pass, the body aches, but the ridiculous in public school-not so much.

Judy Martin said...

I am so sorrowful to read about your travails at school. Sometimes it is just one student who turns the whole class into monsters. I wonder what can be done?

I taught public school for a while in my youth - Teaching takes so much. Yes, it gives back, and there are huge rewards when one has success, when one feels that yes, I've made a difference.

But it was too much for me. I truly sympathise and hope that there's some kind of light for you soon.

Like the gorgeous photos in this post. Like Like Like.

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, my students are always challenging, but it's admin that's nutty, not the kids. it's all about money. and tests that prove nothing. thank you for getting it.

Penny said...

Oh dear, old at 58, what am I at 75! So sorry to hear about your back, due to a misspent youth a constant of mine. Keep up the stretches even if it is better now, I touch my toes every day to keep my back mostly in order. Love those photos.

Gwen Diehn said...

Acupuncture-- wonderful for fixing the back and also balancing the body so that the back can heal itself and stay strong, at least in my experience! Hope yours relaxes and feels good soon!

neki desu said...

it saddens me when one of the pillars of society, if not civilization, gets neglected or downsized bcse of $$.
no surprise you're somatizing and getting back pains. been there.
take care of yourself. small miracles will shower on you i'm sure

Velma Bolyard said...

penny, you have GOT to be the youngest 75 year old in the world! i am stretching and the back is much better.
gwen, i would go if it was easy and my insurance would cover it...but i'll ask doc used to, he studied in china, but he doesn't any more.
neki, i'm glad you reminded me of the small miracles. i needed that. today--i'm so much better.

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