Wednesday, April 15, 2015

afternoon walk,
my first long walk since returning.
i found what remains
of a whitetail, this one who was tossed
into a stream
by the person who jacked it,
hacked off the haunch and tossed the carcass.
i will celebrate this deer person.
my first encounter with the ladies
who have overwintered rather well
 leaning some
 they remain until the farmers take them home 
maine seaweeds and blueberries 
some half dozen prints completed after my trip
using up the gifts my students brought
i was a little nervous about 18 students at once
worried i couldn't connect with them all
though i learned few names, 
i did thoroughly enjoy them all,
heard stories, 
saw their work.
and farren's gift
the tea bag book 
 makes me happy!
the robins and woodcock are calling 
and all those many other birds
peepers are singing
frogs of every size
a wee tick crawled up my pantleg yesterday.
it is spring, and quite dry.
 but the hard winter is over.
i think i will have my snow tires removed
until november.


aimee said...

you had a fine class, i know it! thanks for listening tonight and for being such an attentive friend and teacher and person. i have always loved how you see and experience the world and share it so honestly and gracefully! can't believe the corn ladies are finally free of the snow.

Velma Bolyard said...

aimee, i just loved our conversation. thank you, too! a calm aimee is beautiful in every way.

Mo Crow said...

love the soft colours in the bones of your world

Debbie said...

Wonderful prints, love the soft bubbily, is that a word, effect and the tea bag book, beautiful.

Els said...

Very special these prints !!!
Good that Spring is finally arriving ;-)

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, that's IT, exactly!
debbie, sure it is, and the book-sigh.
els, yes and YES!

Barry said...

Hi V - good to be able to celebrate the turn of the season; and I love the colours of the prints - some beautiful and delicate combinations.B

mansuetude said...

Your poetic rhythms stunning.
Its all pollen down here in NC coast.

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, the atlantic surprised me, that, and blueberry gifts
m, thank you, pollen prints, too, but it's hard to capture the airborn stuff! sniffle.

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