Sunday, February 12, 2017

(handmade, handspun) paper on (handmade) paper

this is the first one
lokta on flax
it reminds me of what jude hill calls a long cloth
an accordion 
and then more have followed
inspired by off-cuts of beautiful handmade papers
and bowls and houses
and landskeins
encolsures for long books can be lovely, too
as well as essential to their protection.
a harvest that continues to become
books and book objects.
a half dozen here.
a valentine came from catherine michaelis
may day press
the event of the week
(besides the *procedures*)
was meeting a bald eagle
on the roadside in the snow
head turned, 
those strong eyes are looking straight at me.
the camera gave out and the phone had to suffice,
there's a barred owl that likes hunting at the place i call home
i just missed seeing it again today.


  1. pretty papers and GREAT lines on the Valentine

  2. michelle, that eagle was fiercely (t)here!

  3. I do so love tone on tone. and I wonder what message the eagle was there to deliver to you.

  4. So much lovely paper and stitching - and I love that quote on the card! And the eagle - a serious looking 'fella' indeed...

  5. trace, i always think the opportunity to occupy space together is enough. i mean i didn't have to see eagle, but i did.
    fiona, yes, catherine is a great printer (may day press) always picks out the right words. the eagle was making itself small,hunkered in the snow, but had rich presence. but only if you looked up in the poor weather.

  6. I left a message and it got lost in space! love your kami-ito stitching, the texture looks wonderful, must feel so-o good.

  7. jean, it feels terrific--you'll see i hope. it seems appropriate, i am often lost in space!

  8. Your stitched books are earth braille to me, so beautiful.

  9. jacqui, i love that-earth braille! very nice!

  10. jude, it is! thinking of you sometimes as i stitch...

  11. we're on parallel pathways exploring the idea of stitching as Braille for the Soul is my current body of work!

  12. mo, using stitches to make marks is delightful, paper has more resistance to it, but it seems to enjoy paper on paper.


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