Sunday, March 19, 2017

letter from Australia,
dear friends,
i am flat out and mostly unconnected
but loving my classes and students here.
the first week i settled in 
at Anne Newton’s eagle’s eyrie
and set to making pulp with 
anne and Barb Adams in preparation for
the papermaking masterclass at grampians texture.
then i traveled to Geelong to stay with Wendy Warren, 
teaching shifu at Mary-Jane Walker’s School of Lost Arts,
a lovely historic house in Geelong.
off to Cape Otway to see
and hear the song of the great southern sea
and respite in the bush.
there, i saw wallaby, panda, and so many birds…
as well as resting and thinking and making some lovely prints.
a one day TAFE class, similar to American extension or adult ed classes,
only organized with a certificate program
where 15 of us ages 15 to older than me
made shifu all day long.
back on the train to Melbourne
helped by three at risk teens who were lovely, charming, and full of stories
who told me about their journeys through 
the labyrinth of teen years.
and now i am at the Grampians Texture 
teaching a 6 day master class.
more news to come, but we are in day three today.
whirlwind and no internet when i have time to write,

but here are some photos:

i will try to add captions later, promise!


  1. great to hear from you, I was beginning to wonder if you'd run off with a wallaby! great pictures, thanks for taking the time.

  2. WOW! Just WOW!

  3. Hi V - what a kaleidoscope of images; and such a whirlwind of a trip. So many people to meet and teach and learn from; and so many ordinary and extraordinary experiences. Continue to enjoy. B

  4. Hope you are having a fabulous time - so many of those images seems so very familiar! Enjoy and absorb and go go go!

  5. jean, my first morning in hall's gap a wallaby was just out my window, but s/he didn't see me...i watched as first a muzzle then a face then a neck appeared on a path just out the window--on a steep gully path! just a little rustle gave it away.
    mo, cm and ronnie, yep!
    fiona and barry, i've come "home" to melbourne and am not sure i'll move ever again!!!


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