Wednesday, April 12, 2017

good bye blogger

so, my dear friends, the time has come.
i've got a new website
over here:
 now you can see photos better,
and i can,
keep better track of things. 
this one here at blogger will stay up for a while
but her days,
like all of ours, are numbered.
so be advised,
the new square space

with all her wrinkles, foibles, and ornery opinions
is officially launched.
mistakes and all.
(i'm working on mistakes)


  1. I love the new website format! It's feels so airy and light, without that "cramped" look that many websites/blogs seem to have. But I don't see where to leave comments which is why I'm back here. I always appreciate a "subscribe to" option, also. But it really looks fabulous.

  2. stephanie jo, i'm having my webmanager take a look, and then i will get back to you.

  3. michelle, jean was able to leave a comment at the new blog, so i hope you can, too.

  4. Hi V - great to tour the new website - interesting that it has a posting feature impeded in it. Fiona and I kept our blogs and created the link. Many different ways of doing things these days. May it go well for you. Peace and propriety. B

  5. barry, thanks, there's WAY too much to learn over there, but i'm trying. just heard from a friend that it took 10 minutes to load! geesh!

  6. Love the website and would love to follow it, thats the trouble with websites, they seem impossible to follow.

  7. debbie, thanks for your feedback, i'll let my daughter know your comment and see what she has to say. did you click on the blog and try to follow from there?

  8. Hi Velma,

    Congratulations, but...while I found where to comment (should I want to), I too cannot find a way to 'follow' the blog at this new location...whether by receiving it in my 'Blogger Reading List' or via an e-mail connection every time you post...Hope this will be figured out soon. I miss this sort of thing with my friends who use WordPress for their blogs too...unless they post a link on Facebook (to which I belong), I often over-look their posts for weeks on end...And I hope that won't be the case here.

  9. margaret, someone let me know they are following me att he new site. i don't know how. i don't even follow folks--i have a spot on my bookmarks with all the blog listed...and that's how i keep track. sigh. seems like i'm using medieval technology here. i'll ask hannah about it.

  10. I am following from my blogspot blog, Velma. I entered the URL of your new site into my blog roll settings, and it works like any blog (even rising to the top when you post). That's how I first saw your beaver wetlands photo! Left my comments about it there.

  11. barbara, thanks for your update and welcome!

  12. are you still checking here? I tried to leave a comment on the new site but can't seem to do that now. It doesn't recognize me!

  13. Like spring, many beautiful people keep emerging to speak against the laughable horror baby our current govt. perhaps the dross is riding so we can work harder to skim the scum off. Gather Peace.

  14. jean, i reported this to my webmistress and she said she couldn't figure it out. you might have to sign in at square space...
    m, gathering, gathering. hopefully things will change. eventually.


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