Saturday, July 8, 2017

inside the workshop(s)

did i mention jean and bryan?
how much fun we had eating good food, making reeds, talking, and
hanging the shows?
seven: was repurposed from eleven
through the miracle of felting.
many circles
reflections from architecture on the uni of victoria campus
in our building
near my classroom
were a collection of wonderful northwest coast prints
i arranged the lab tables in a circle for the three day class
then one huge rectangle for the one and half day sessions.

knifty knitting and ball holding device
hanging out by a pamphlet stitch book.

more shifu bits hanging out amongst the samples
the wet class
sometimes a student surprises you!
that's me, teaching, and my hair bun 
tea towels.
of course tea towels.
part of the conference fun 
(as well as a shuttle race).
Bob Wright
the building was named after him
he looks like an adk kinda guy
and the last class
where textiles crept into books and
books were textiles.


  1. all just a memory, still heading down that same road only alone now, Bryan in Australia and you across the border.Still finishing up conference "stuff" - have to write my shows report and submit all my financials. Hopefully that will be the end. Maybe we can do it again sometime. HUGS

  2. lovely memories of some antics and some work with you and bryan. i hope we meet again, too. your weaving inspires me. and i never saw your book, so i have to see you again!


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