Tuesday, December 12, 2017


i'm tired of having a cold now.
please go away.
but we have lots of snow now and more coming.
i beat a pound of flax
and brought home 2 quarts
and made 93 sheets of little paper.
it's really nice stuff
and so i went to school yesterday, 
and melissa, my co-teacher
has the cold.
we left early, 
but not until we'd done our juxtaposition origami book exchange.
i'll take photos and post.
i love how these sheets look/sound/feel so very FLAX.
i haven't seen this one
since all the snow began to fall.
i've been pretty bored 
i wrote a silly poem, but the cold is still here. 

sleeping or not
with a head full of snot
a cold is a cold is a cold.

eyeballs are achy
and tummy is quaky
a cold is a cold is a cold.

head twice too big
it thinks of nothing
a cold is a cold is a cold.

tomorrow i know
it won’t be here, no!
a cold was a cold was a cold.

Velma Bolyard 12/10/17


Ms. said...

I know that cold. I had it too from the 14th of December till it broke about a week ago but the stuffed up nose persists and it appreciates that poem and does not find it the least bit silly.

Ms. said...

oops---that was the 14th of NOVEMBER. IT WAS A MONSTER.


Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, YUCK to the cold! it will pass, but it's exhausting, isn't it? and annoying. i have had the amazing luxury of being able to rest a lot.

susan hemann said...

love the paper, great poem, just got out of the hospital myself! being sick stinks

Velma Bolyard said...

susan, oh, gosh, i hope you are recovering well.

one small stitch said...

hope the cold has left, I hate it when my head won't think! Beautiful little papers, they look good enough to eat. We don't have chipmunks just aggressive squirrels and destructive racoons. Super poem. Get well.

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, no chipmunks? i didn't know that.

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