Sunday, January 7, 2018

back to cold

this week has gone by, a rollercoaster
with porcupine visits every day or two.
porcupine has gotten very, very un-cautious.
so has the little deer,
and as we moved back into the deep freeze.
i love my subaru, but our local dealer has not treated me well.
(except two of the sales people and one service guy) over the many years
i've dealt with them (they're the only one around).
this week i'd had it.
 after "having it" and all that that entailed,
i have new back brakes, snow tires on and beautiful, 
and the head gasket completed.
i sat in the waiting room 5 hours this week alone.
also, i've got a little respect.
i begin to feel like porcupine
who persists 
(nevertheless, she persisted)
balances precariously, 
goes where she wants,
gets a tummyful
and isn't too concerned what they think of her.

tippy top and precarious
with a teenager down below
symbiotic relationship

being at the edge of the trees is not scary
i've learned to adore edges.
taking risks
porcupine made a house call

while my hair gets more uninteresting with age and hormones
this one has some real excitement going on.
riding down low yesterday and almost falling it seemed,
but not at all.
tail works like a rudder and strong hands/feet do good work
the box elder that grows with this cedar
was cracking like breaks
repeatedly with the other trees
in this frigid weather.
more leavings for the teenaged whitetail
as temperatures plummeted and my toes froze up.
i'm happy that i can navigate the driveway now
observeed by eyes doing porcupine things
eating, watching, not very worried about me, but aware.
not worried 
just being porcupine eating arbor vitae.
so the hot and cold water froze in the kitchen
again and
i made cookies today,
watched silly british tv shows on the mac.
the dark comes later and later and YOU CAN SEE and FEEL it.
there were things i wanted to write about,
but it's all about cold and porcupines and cookies and 
arbor vitae.
not a bad week, after all.


  1. what a wild thing & good on ya for standing your ground with the car dealer!

  2. mo, thanks, and i love this wild thing? me, i had truth and a knight. and a 20 percent discount, this time.

  3. What an amazing creature :-D

  4. Thanks for showing how the porcupine helps the deer. Very interesting.

  5. els, indeed porcupine is something else.
    sandy, knowing the little i do about porcupines and deer i think it's purely accidental that this happened, but maybe not. in any case, it's really nifty, don't you think?

  6. such amazing photos! slow week here, to ccold to go out

    Susan Hemann

  7. always good to be persistent - although I've heard it called other things. You certainly need snow tires - drive safe. I've never seen a porcupine, are they as destructive as raccoons?

  8. jean, yep. you can't believe what they can do, which is why i like them best way back in the woods! i have cleaned up the messes they make in buildings...

  9. I'm always transported by your posts, but this one had me holding my breath.

  10. hazel,
    that's about the nicest thing i can imagine reading! thankyou.


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