Friday, May 11, 2018

leaving and arriving

michigan to be exact.
some samples i put together this week
that beautiful indigo wool above tied the wonderful
sarah swett tapestry into a nifty bundle.
 the tapestry and the yarn are all that textile can be.
that sort of textile, that is (wool).
 i moved the remains of two chimneys elsewhere,
tidying the yard.
 and this came from catherine 
 such surprise
 unfolding and blossoming
 a lovely thing from a fine friend.
and a gift from the ostrich ferns
waiting to be worked
as i get ready to leave tomorrow nerves kick in,
the drive, the teaching, the whatevers...
and aimee talked sense to me, which was just what i needed.
on the road at 5 AM tomorrow, across ontario to ox bow and PBI.


  1. have a fabulous time with your students!

  2. thank you, mo, i intend to keep them busy!

  3. they are so lucky to have you!!! it's going to be all great. also, WHAT?!??!: those chimneys!!! wow. mine was getting bad but that is really something.

  4. aimee, you are so great. the grass has a couple little, deep holes where the bricks touched down and a big yellow patch where the grass has to catch up, but that part of clean up is done.

  5. Hi V - sorry for not checking in much lately - been a bit crazy just keep up with stuff. Your blog post demonstrates that our lives can be full of all manner of things. Sounds like the chimney was quite the task. Look after yourself and go well. B

  6. barry, chimney cleanup was something that took two sessions, about 12 trips with my garden cart! i hope the crazy is ok crazy, not tough crazy

  7. Hi V - hope you are having a wonderful time at the PBI - what a dream for your students! The nerves are funny things; but it is grand to have friends who can settle and sort you. Travel safe and enjoy!

  8. fiona, you would LOVE it here. absolutely.


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