Monday, June 4, 2018

at home

it really takes some time and focus to be back home 
to see this place for its miracles 
to not be in the teacher/student mode
and to not expect the amazing OxBow food crew headed up by Mikey
to feed me.
 now i need to re-think how and what i'm doing this summer
new learning in with my thinking
some things come easy
like printing from black walnut mold
others require more,
and maybe a new approach.


  1. (((Velma))) enjoy your summer of feeling free to do whatever you want, may your muses be bountiful!

  2. mo, i love your wish for me, and so i thank you!

  3. Velma - I used to go on a retreat that was referred to as a mountaintop experience by those of us who attended ... after which I returned to the "valley duty" of figuring out how to bring the mountaintop down into every day reality. And yes, I also recall returning to cooking after having been fed exceedingly well.

    Thank you for this post, which brought back many fond memories. As for what's ahead, I will, as always, look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. tell me about it!don't know if it's an age thing but it takes me longer to land and get back in the swing of the studio.
    especially when there has been learning in between.

  5. liz, thank you for getting it, really. and,
    neki, getting it and pinpointing the learning piece. it hadn't occurred to me that that was part of it all--i knew i learned stuff, just not that that took more time to get used to, so to speak.


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