Wednesday, July 18, 2018

(t)here and back again

 i received two men's robes
both cotton indigo that my friend found in japan
 i promptly washed them.
the lined one had accumulated years of dirt and dust which 
i washed once 
and rinsed at least a dozen times.
 both pieces dried on a very  hot day in a very 
short time.
are scented now with north country summer
not dust.

 the ikat patterning on the lined piece
 and the lining
 the chimney brick with the lichen patterning sits in the sun
it has become the perch of some bird--lots of what we as kids used to call bird-do 
but still color that inspires me.
 i have been making some contact prints with the square flax sheets
and cloth, this is old cotton 
 here you can see a flax square
and the red daylily spent blossoms.
  the flax square still wet
 concrete steps are the perfect background, if narrow.

 and i made some more linen paper.


a.  plain raw flax paper                                           b. linen fabric, my sister's pants by Flax
c.  two sheets of the above with fabric inclusion    d. linen paper (made solely from above 
 i decided to travel to maine
and then i undecided
 and took a happy walk yesterday evening
 overlooked by luna
 below that sky was the july harvest baled for the neighbor's cattle.
first time i ever remember it being cut almost on time.
evening shadows.

 two pair of little ruby throated hummingbirds played at the feeders 
this morning. 

 i'm wearing cotton socks on my feet today, 
celebrating happy respite from the humid heat.
over on fb i found a photo of two of my favorite australians
that i just had to share.
colleen and brian
collen of the astonishing hair, brian enwrapped in a hat and scarf,
probably needled by colleen.
and the title above? 
i was going to maine today.
but i decided not to. i love my maine family
i wanted to see them and 
see the ocean and
visit the arctic museum
i wanted to stay home, 
with the round bales and the hummingbirds
and the cresent moon
and the blessed cool weather, more.
i am off to make more prints and paper
and hang out my laundry and go to town
to resume mail delivery.
i'm home for a while.


  1. those robes!
    and everything else.
    home seems a good place right now.

  2. Wow, Velma. Those pants of mine!
    ...and those robes. I want one!
    Trade? Glad you're here.

  3. jude, yes, and it is
    claudia, i know--purply gray! robes are spoken for.

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous gift those robes !!! LOVE them !

    I love your "summer" pictures and the colours of the eco dyeing !
    (special picture, that one with the flowers still on it ;-) ...)

  5. a beautiful post about the joys of being Home

  6. els, i feel very very fortunate to be able to change my mind! and glad you liked seeing the colorwork.
    mo, you get it, for sure. it's so beautiful here, easy to get projects done. like the studio clean up.

  7. What fine presents-robes so fine!

  8. I don't always say so, or perhaps I say it too much:
    Really, you astound me. Your craft is fine, your views are wonderful and your sensibility to everything acute.

  9. michelle, such fine praise, thank you. i do appreciate your words.

  10. Expecting those robes to step away from the clothesline and go wandering through your beautiful land... As always, gorgeous colors and textures here. Your posts always slow me down, for re-reads and wonderings. Thanks, ox.

  11. hazel, the robes might have been able to do that before i washed them, they were pretty stiff with the dust of ages. they're lighter and the fabric is happier now.

  12. I love the notion of undeciding V - it feels so right sometimes - brava!

  13. fiona, it was incredibly liberating. not something to do all the time, though!

  14. Lovely post as always. I love your wanderings and your staying-homes.


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