Thursday, February 18, 2010

dateline: broken pipe

so, i saw louise tonight, and even though the broken pipe is still broken, louise (and her mom!) appeared. the reason this is so cool is that we are in the middle of a rural myth: black panthers. yep, my neighbor thought he saw a black panther on my land probably going after a deer. now this myth has many permutations, the oddest being that the story of a black panther siting (actually  photographed) originally occurred in western n.y. and has migrated east. so the hunting community here has embraced it. this story is a repeat from one from about 30 years ago, the photo that time was in the newspaper and i saw it. i will only say that there is no clear documentation. but what a myth! 

i am weaving a little shifu today, natural lokta, rust dyed lokta on cotton, for a friend.

oh, and the pipe, it will wait till my daughter's car is fixed. alternators come before paper mill plumbing. priorities.


PiecesofD said...

There's a similar myth in my parent's hometown... The Wampus Cat... My father has heard it (the myth and the cat)all his life. I've heard the myth all my life and the cat once. I have my own theory about what it really is... that will be a post subject one day. I'm looking forward to seeing your weavings.

neki desu said...

maker's hands, what beauty!
when you mentioned black panther i immediately thought of bobby seale, stockley carmichael,rap brown, john carlos and tommie smith ...

Velma said...

ha! and when i did a google search the black panthers came up WAy more times than this particular myth.

jude said...

that's the thing about some myths. they get mixed up in stuff.
nice sleeve.

Velma said...

--the sleeve was the reason for the shot!

Virginia Burnett said...

Panthers are making a comeback. I know I saw one in my Grandmother's woods between Norwood and Canton 1988. No one believed me then - but there have been more and more sightings since then. Hilary and Chris almost walked into one with the dogs last year - ask her about it, its a great story! I haven't heard about any black ones, though. That would be very cool.

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