Saturday, February 20, 2010


exhibit a
exhibit b
exhibit c
exhibit d
snow ball removal
a short walk in the meadow, the only dog evidence was the scent attached to deer trails. and the musty odor of someone, maybe a fox or coyote or even, heaven forbid, a skunk. i collected a handful of milkweed, a nest with shells: evidence. and someone has been eating bark. procupine, i assume, but other than the scarring, no evidence.  


Eva said...

Thank you, I enjoyed the photos - the evidence of your walk and observations :)

aimee said...

god, that nest pic just kills me! and the milkweed. LOVE it.

PiecesofD said...

We don't have porcupines here, so I've never seen what they do to trees... I have now! Very nice handful of milkweed and the nest is lovely...

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