Saturday, September 21, 2013

this week: a little bit better

i pass this every morning on my way to school
 and this on the way home
 on friday,
amish farmers getting in the corn
 two young heifers visited my driveway the other day
 and on the other side of the drive
wild grapes
always looking for fiber
prickly wonderful
 tiny seed fibers
big arbor vitae bast fiber
mostly deep under and inside 
on this fence post
 and color
 the colors of the meadows
just perfect
and the big moon above.
autumnal equinox.
it's time.
time to get some studio work done.
almost time, that is.


aimee said...

i couldn't sleep last night thinking of all the fiber i know of out in the world that i want to harvest! was just talking to bill about you and color and funny things in the freezer last night. xo

Anonymous said...

wonderful fibre and colour (even if spellcheck doesn't like how I spell it! hugs to you and Aimee - still having trouble leaving comments on blogger (I'd love to spell them a slightly different way..

Alice said...

Birdhouses! Footprints! Very good.

Valerianna said...

The colors of autumn are upon us... glad this are better. Looking over a large pile of wood to the studio... and until there is no pile, I will still be looking at it from afar. But not for long.

ronnie said...

oh my... I'm loving those equines and bovines and colours everywhere.... and the moon! (we have been marveling at the moon over this side of the pond too)

Barry said...

V - so many visual stimulants - walks and drives are but excuses to check out the palette of the world around us. Go well. B

Fiona Dempster said...

I love how these images give me a sense of place - of where you are. So different to our own world, but the moon we share! Go gently...

Christine said...

All very pre-fall and lovely. I saw that moon too and it was grand. Haven't been following, but I take it your sister has not been well which makes me sad. Best wishes.

Velma Bolyard said...

aimee, i know...sometimes i just get in way over my head, and then i remember that, if we are lucky, there will be more next year.
jean, i love fibre, and have not got the wearwithall (sp?) to spell it the canadian/british way.
alice, all so good and positive
valerie, we knew it was coming, but still...
ronnie, the constant moon
barry, so true
fiona, yes, but all of this wonderful globe. i will be in oz again next year--
christine, yes, she is out of the woods, but has exploratory surgery coming up for a non-related, but newly diagnosed issue. she is a tough bird, though.

india flint said...

i'm simply drooling at the thought of wild grapes...that have one of the whirled's most luscious fragrances...

Velma Bolyard said...

india, they are perfect in their rich color and flavor and scent.

jude said...


Velma Bolyard said...

jude, word!

Nancy said...

Oh that color!

neki desu said...

imo nothing ever beats those harvest moons.japanese have made a sport of moon watching and even have a name for it tsuki mi つきみ (moon watching)

Velma Bolyard said...

nancy, and the light show is just beginning!
neki, of course they have! tsuki mi.

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