Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sightings and change

 hosta leaf
found dried and stitched
with stains and holes
 hold it against the light
light it up, i say,
and look at this
look at the architecture holding this
together as it fades
it will be paper
or glimpses of thoughts
 as will the flicker's few feathers 
 a small collection that i love
a new draftsman to me
but not really
baskin's works dance throguh my dreams sometimes
and then they're nightmares
 i was shappy to find this
 and this one found me

 a jewel for you
to heal your hurts
 as will this light show
 first day back at work today
meetings today and tomorrow
and then kids on thursday
the school year commences.
a new program,
a new school, a classroom!


Anonymous said...

my hosta leaves are still green, love that skeleton one, will think about stitching some. the feathers are a beautiful gift from the poor flicker.
best wishes for the new school - new year.

ronnie said...

our spring is springing up all over the place -- a new planting season is about to commence (I can't imagine trying to start a 'new' school year as the natural world is starting to slow down.... and the calender year is drawing tot a close as well but I expect its just a cultural thing....)

ps I'm loving those feathers!

Nancy said...

Great feathers!
There is nothing like the feeling of starting a new school year. I love it :)

Julie Howe said...

Hosta leaves never cease to amaze me with their beauty as they decay. Your stitched leaf is wonderful, could you hold it up to the light and take a photo please.. ~ Julie.

roz said...

those feathers ..ain't nature grand!

neki desu said...

exciting things await for you this new school year.enjoy.
those sky photos are mesmerizing.

Valerianna said...

Hope you love your new school!!

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, the hosta was found in the garden this spring, somehow pressed flat and stitched all by mama nature!
ronnie, hard to understand the differences sometimes, but school and feathers are constants!
nancy, there's is certainly an excitement as the leafing season winds down
julie, i did! it's the same leaf.
roz, indeed!
neki, thanks. the sky is like that
valerie, best to you this semester

Gardener in the Distance said...

Velma, your post, every shred and thread, has lifted me. My your own spirits be lifted in return.

Velma Bolyard said...

faisal, that cheers me so, thanks.

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