Friday, August 30, 2013

field notes

 this summer i have met
a handful, a rather large handful,
of marvelous people
 one of these
 sent me a wonderful momento
that includes dear aimee, too
 a gifted vellum piece
that will become another of the hortus siccus books
 and while walking
three bees
involved in something i don't understand
 a road killed flicker
i moved off the road.
 a failed family
at the new place
 morning dew/fog
 another one soaking up heat from the tarmac, 
but i moved 
so it would be chilly in the cool wet grass
but alive
 late august morning
 such beauty
 leaves gathered here
sugar maple sustains in so many ways
and this small leaf
both showing 
autumn's touch.
labor day weekend. 
hannah's birthday.
the end of summer.


Valerianna said...

mmmmm.... inspiring beauty - human made and nature made. That cloud/sun photo might almost convince me to paint skies in oils again, amazing. And, I so love those little red efts, I call them tiny travelers and love watching them hike the forest floor. I do not, however, love seeing them all over the roads on wet days while I try to avoid hitting them and the frogs. Glad you were able to transport this one to safety!! Not so lucky for the flicker, and, I do wonder what those bumbles were up to!

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes, the last two days have been rich. maybe the changing season inspires?

Mo Crow said...

Gosh! these photos are brilliant Velma such a feeling of the change of season as you go into the red gold letting of autumn and we begin the riot of spring here in the Land Down Under.

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks, mc, the land here is really moving into autumn!

aimee said...

happy birthday, hannah! and therese, she is so very special. what a gift!

Anonymous said...

another ecotone, such a time of change and things passing. happy birthday Hannah. blogger is blocking EVERYTHING i do to leave a comment. I think this time they have really got the combination working!!

Anonymous said...

that anonymous person was me, Jean at onesmallstitch - and I've outsmarted them!

Velma Bolyard said...

aimee, yes, two gifts, three counting you
jean, WAY TO GO! ecotones, yes!

leFiligree said...

such beautiful glimpses.

how does a bird become roadkill? that's new to me. and such a handsome bird, too.

Velma Bolyard said...

lord, joni, there are as many birds road killed as turtles and porcupines. here, wildlife is abundant and everyone drives really fast because distances are so large, it can become epic.

Fiona Dempster said...

What a treasure trove of memories in the making. That indigo is simply superb, so elegant and so heartfelt and meaningful. Whilst nature and the weather offer gifts as well.

Velma Bolyard said...

fiona, gift receiving is something to learn...and delight in.

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