Tuesday, August 27, 2013

more from maine

i really enjoyed
the northeast harbor library
i spent all day saturday there.
 the maine room had this treasure
hidden in the stacks
 with beautifully letterpress 
 printed words
and even more beautiful garden prints
 and this small one
 and this-- 
and more.
 and i got to page through this book!
 so amazing
 a cross, in a way
 between two other book artists that i stand in awe of:
 timothy ely 
william blake
 my eyes would go fuzzy
and then i'd go back to the book
 and this reminds me of rima staines.
who was trained 
as a book artist.
 and maybe a botanical artist or two.
 here are a few of his words
 and a few more
maybe carol barton.
and these last two
which so amaze me.
i'm home again, with more pictures 
for another day.
i promise.


Valerianna said...

oh my oh my... I've SOOO wanted to leaf through The Red Book!! And so many other treasures, amazing! Yes, more please!!

Velma Bolyard said...

the red book is magnificent...but that small japanese book was also magnificent. what a library! and it's a public library!

Anonymous said...

oh my, such beautiful treasures, how wonderful to have public access.

wholly jeanne said...

what a sensational way to spend a saturday. (or in my case, 30 minutes reading ad rereading your blog.)

jude said...

wow, i would be in heaven

Ms. said...

Glorious glorious glorious...ah, the pleasures in the stacks are endless. Hope you post more before I go dark on the internet Thursday night to begin time away in the woods of Massachusetts till September 12th. If not, I'll remember to go looking back here on return.

Fiona Dempster said...

What a wonderful way to spend time and what treasures! I don't know which one I would choose; they all hold magic.

neki desu said...

you have nourishment for quite a while!

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, yes, public access. hugely important. the library is unique in that it is the school library as well as the community library, a fine combination of resources.
w.j., well it was a grand day punctuated by a lunch near the harbor and a meander through some nifty shops. glad you stayed here reading!
jude, it was a place to really really settle in and enjoy
ms, mass woods sounds lovely, do enjoy!
fiona, it was hard to settle, which is why i only pulled two books to peruse
neki, yes, to hold me through the beginning of school daze.

over the rainbow said...

I am seeing so much expansion in the images that touched you. The radish looks like a hot air balloon! I am feeling one regret just now, that I did not spend more time in the libraries that were near me in the past...one in particular....not normal for me to regret anything....

Velma Bolyard said...

those images were wonderful and i had BIG tables and a bank of windows and fresh ocean air...heavenly morning in a a big room all to myself, in the afternoon one or two folks wandered through. but the BOOKS!

over the rainbow said...

What Joy! I have read thru your other posts....I can almost feel and smell the air there...

Velma Bolyard said...

it WAS lovely to have a maine interlude after a busy summer.

Sophie Munns said...

The RED Book... that is something to behold Velma. I cant imagine where I would get to see a copy of that in a Library in this country but I guess it will be there somewhere!
Such an influential thinker and artist illustrator... the collective unconscious and all those rich ideas what ever one makes of them!
What a gorgeous place to be!

Velma Bolyard said...

sophie, i did wish i read german...but i could read the wild, beautiful and intense paintings.

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