Saturday, August 17, 2013

adirondack sutra

 already the trees are turning
adirondack sutra
 from caliban press
 mark mcmurray's
 newest book is done
 available at priscilla juvelis books
border crossings
indigo moons
land & sky
i helped a little
i love this
you might, too
the starlings danced
one morning
to clelbrate
mark's edition
in the azure sky
while the crows looked on
another morning
there they were again
not so many
but enthusiastic!


Nancy said...

Love the last two pics with the light behind their wings! Just gorgeous :) You've posted the whole bird and I posted just one feather in the light! Funny.

My son and his gal just spent the last week in the adirondack...hiking etc. I thought how they were somewhere in your neck of the woods!

Ms. said...

An elegant book and wonderful photos of the starlings and crows.

aimee said...

oh oh oh oh!!! such fulfillment. love how he has folded your hands into this sutra.

blandina said...

A very inspiring book, it seems to me.

Velma Bolyard said...

nancy, yes, these beautiful beings. the adks are a good place to visit.
ms, thank you! the book is grand
aimee, mine, and the hands of some wonderful student press workers, too.
blandina, it really is.

Valerianna said...

Beautiful book... especially love the land and sky page. Azure sky, yes, I hardly use that color name, its a good one.

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, me, too.

Long Ridge Farm said...

And the indigo has a trail, doesn't it?

neki desu said...

the last two photos ♥
i'm going through a backlight -light rays crush now.

Velma Bolyard said...

nancy, the indigo does and it also has a mom, YOU!
neki, thanks!

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