Monday, August 12, 2013

papered weekend

 focus on shifu
handmade paper
making whole
two little snippets of lokta, 
one indigo one not
greeted new shifu workers at

black walnut also made an appearance 

 there were even some special presents for me

 there was some healing 
gathered in the web of shifu

books to hold our work
our thoughts 

samples from home 

playing with teeny tiny niddy noddy 

some lovely drop spindles with 
whorls high and low 

stump innovations 

nancy's desk 

 a book with an african soul 
blue nails 
 and smiles
long ridge farm this past weekend.


Valerianna said...

Oooeeee what fun!!! I melted into the indigo images, but everything is so full of life and texture with notes of chocolate thrown in.

Anonymous said...

wow, just WOW. singin' the blues.

aimee said...

what perfection! those ladies, very lucky, very gifted. you have had such a full, rich summer!

Long Ridge Farm said...

thanks Velma. pretty cool stuff with a pretty cool group in a pretty cool place.

iHanna said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful creations.

Fiona Dempster said...

What a wonderful wander thru your days there...such warmth.

Barry said...

V - a visual feast. Looks to me folk had a heap of creative fun. B

india flint said...

i would walk there just for the blue string
i can't walk on water.

india flint said...

forgot to add

"no matter how hard i try"

neki desu said...

those blue fingernails and what those hands produced!!
iam so very partial to ai

Sweetpea said...

Must [sheepishly] admit, Velma, that I've not really ever had the desire to work with *paper* like this ... but ... hmmm, so much within your post appeals. Drat!

Your smiles are telling ;>]]

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes, it was a really good time
jean, very blue nails, and i showed your wonderful samples, too!
aimee, rich, indeed. i'm a lucky woman.
nancy, YAY, you make it happen!
thank yu ihanna!
fiona & barry, it was a really good workshop
india, i haven't mastered the walking on water bit either, but the blue was worth it.
neki, me, too, and nancy guided us through.
s, paper spinning/weaving is very different, but way cool.

jude said...

what? no wine?

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, yep, a drop or three

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