Saturday, October 26, 2013

books and play

susan's book
 i can barely wait until i have
this book in my hands
(i did get to read it electronically)
lucky me!
this book came recommended
in a roundabout way from glennis dolce.
and i am so happily reading, savoring each page
every page has wisdom, and is framing experience for me.
i've found that dr. kimmerer is a neighbor (almost) 
her ted talk spoke to my heart.
she brings students to cranberry lake, 
each summer. 
cranberry lake is where my son first swam, 
and where i discovered a book in their tiny library
about something called designer bookbinding.
and then i met sally smith, who spent summers there
and winters in london teaching bookbinding.
she was my first binding teacher.
circles, connections, and love.
 fetching the mail i found this little one
the chickadees love the ditch there
right by the raod
 on my new path home
 more path treasures
 and i was playing 
with shadows
and sunset
and leaves
we country folk have 
a need for amusement--
books and walks serve me well.
students this year have healthy funny bones 
and leave behind
so do other home today
  i found three stashes
this one in a towel awaiting me by the tub.
there was a very sweet mention
of one of my hortus siccus books
by bryan from when he visited jean.
thank you!


Valerianna said...

Is the stash from a wee, gray colored critter? Cause I found the wierdest stash when I was cleaning out a bookshelf this summer. I found a pile of cat litter. However, I think the litter was made from corn or wheat or something, so, not so wierd.

Love the interweaving of circles... congrats on the mention!

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yep! there's a lot of sound, as i scramble to set the trap line. and thanks-i have a piece in susan's book, too!

saskia said...

oh how I laughed at your remark 'bout us country folks way of keeping ourselves amused (in fact I'm still smiling)
the first book looks amazing, I've wanderered over to read the reviews, book number two equally interesting and I'm tempted to go there myself, but my time is limited; who knows 'later' with more time at my disposal; congratulations on the mention of your work, you deserve it and having popped over to Bryan's as it were, what an extraordinary life he lives; it is rather special to be able to witness people's lives all over the globe in a small way on screen

Anonymous said...

you do have the most interesting adventures. I am waiting impatiently, Braiding Sweetgrass looks very interesting.

ronnie said...

oooo velma that second book is singing a siren's song --- i simply MUST find a copy *somewhere*

Velma Bolyard said...

saskia, it seems you had a good time reading and wandering. this is what i like about the internet, how it opens up some, many things. these books, well, i am still reading braiding sweetgrass, but it is a gem of a book.
jean, adventures here are all around! have to be present to them.
ronnie, i might be able to help out-- you'd like this one.

Alice said...

We suburban folk have a need for amusement, too. :-)
The shifu book looks irresistible. The spell checker is insisting on calling it the shift book, but you will know what I mean.

Velma Bolyard said...

alice, shifu came through...and i was once, not suburban, but a villager, and amused myself kicking out streetlights--the goal being to get three on my street, running like mad between. never achieved.

Fiona Dempster said...

I loved this post - the path treasures, the chickadee, the foliage photos - and those books that simply say "Velma" to me. Can you enlighten one from down under about the stashes??? Go well.

Barry said...

Hi V - what a news packed post - so many sights and delights - books, bits by the roadside but also a little sadness with the bird - it is lovely to join the many bits of your life - helps one feel as though I'm there visiting sometimes. Go well. B

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks, fiona, the stashes are made by little gray/brown furry people, mice, and they are furiously trying to make my house their winter home. i set up a trap line each winter since i am allergic to cats.

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, i find so many road killed birds. you and fiona must come for a visit someday!

Gardener in the Distance said...

Velma, I'm sure you know I have no idea what shifu is but I wish I did, for you write about it, and everything else, so beautifully.

Velma Bolyard said...

faisal, well here it is: a spun and woven paper cloth. if you're a papermaker and book artist with a college degree in weaving, shifu is a stunning way to bring it all together.

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