Sunday, October 6, 2013

evidence of changes

 while driving to colton
 i spotted a strange thing
on a silo
my brave little canon
caught a closeup
i couldn't sort it out visually
till my camera did!
 the light has changed
and it's certainly fall
 and color
 wild (space fruit) cucumber
 in the hedgerows
 and then there was this one

 wouldn't even acknowledge me
and wasn't posing for the paparazzi
but i did snag a shot or three
 so i looked over to find
three sisters
one wrapped in flowering glories
not out that evening.
 then the sun fled
and marked a backbone
on the fenceline
a week of warm weather
was so welcome
even though
the nights are quickly lengthening.
because of that,
i have some new printed papers
folios for books.


Valerianna said...

Strange thing for the top of a tank! Porcupine obviously had had a run-in with some creature from the look of his/her missing quills on the back end. Warm was great, yesterday's Land Art day was as warm as I can remember. I got hot running around in the forest with my students, sweat, even!

Jennifer said...

What glorious walks you take. Thank you for sharing.

handstories said...

wonder if the porcupine was worn out from battle? I do think they're cute. can you eat that cucumber?

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes to land art, maybe porky's quills are a new piece!
jennifer, yep, can't be helped here next door to the adirondacks.
hs, no, i think it's a high (ab)use spot, see where that tail curls up? the cuke, nope, not that i know of.

neki desu said...

fall is getting to us too, not as colorful though. morning walks are now pleasant.

Velma Bolyard said...

neki, too dark in the morning before work for a walk here. but evenings, earlier now, are possible.

Anonymous said...

yes - changing
love this golden time
deer drinking from shallow water
looking back
moving forward
lovely walk

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