Wednesday, June 18, 2014

humans at it again

last day of high school classes
was monday.
afterwards, i got in the subaru
to drive to vermont to stay here
and go to long ridge farm.
 good eating and shopping here
 community art
 ~a community
at work~
 a wall in front of the coop
 and some humans came along
to longridge farm
where i return this year
as a student
 of dorothy caldwell
we made marks in many ways on the first day
 looks like starling flight
 roxanne is my amazing table partner
she (of the white coat 
which i did not touch
because i had india ink on my hands) pictured below
 some odd brushes were made
 which made interesting marks
ink on paper
(i remember the brushes i made 
out of turkey beards and sticks
in oz in february)
 i was compelled to pour water over my marks
 others were more reserved 
(but not really, look closely!)
here's roxanne's amazing coat
today we looked at yesterday's work
 today we made marks with thread 
after looking at kanthas
i like these fish
 one woman's marks
 this composition was
on betsy and nancy's table.
the contrast between working in black and white
and the riot of green and 
in the great northern woods
is huge!
it is very good to be away and here, 
working and learning.


Linda Marcille said...

I am visiting your blog from Jude's Considering Weave page and I was thrilled to see the photo of our beloved Putney Co-op and the community mural our next door neighbors are facilitating. I live in and love Putney, what a treasure to stumble upon your post about it.
Be Well,

Jennifer said...

Oh! What a fantastic time you're having in Dorothy's class. Did I ever tell you that taking her class in 2006 is what changed the direction of my art? Yep. It was that kind of class for me.

Happy dancing here for you.

Felicity said...

oh that looks wonderful! such fun. I love the root brush (I assume they're roots?)- you know my turkey beard brush is one of my most prized possessions?

Ms. said...

A whole lot of cool here--hope the weather is too (((smiling)))--tomorrow I'm headed for Massachusetts.

wholly jeanne said...

Such fun! It's freeing, isn't it? And grounding at the same time. Makes me wish I could turn back the clock to last week so I'd just be starting. Keep having lots of reasons to squeal gleefully.

Susan said...

Thank you for showing what's happening out there at camp Caldwell. What a great way to start your summer

Velma Bolyard said...

linda, so that's the mural story. it's nifty. the coop is great!
jennifer, yes, i can see she can facilitate that sort of change, she just keeps asking.
felicity, you make me so happy! how is the work going?
ms, it was VERY hot, but fine.
jeanne, it's good to stretch for sure
susan, it is, i'm really fortunate

Fiona Dempster said...

I'm besotted with those marks; and filled with mark-envy! What a wonderful to play, take time, and make beauty...

Mo Crow said...

lovely to see these explorations!

Velma Bolyard said...

fiona, guess what i did with incense sticks today.
mc, it's lovely doing them, too.

neki desu said...

stretching boundaries! i need some of that.

Barry said...

Hi V - whilst I'm not a mark maker I can really see the heap of fun and creativity involved here - and a heap of communal fun as well. Go well. B

Velma Bolyard said...

neki, stretching starts hard but then is so delicious. like yoga.
barry, ah, you do see it.

Cait Throop said...

It all looks wonderfully joyful, Velma! I can see an intriguing book made out of everyone's art cut small and bound as only you can do. xo

Velma Bolyard said...

cait, which is exactly what we are doing!

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