Saturday, June 21, 2014

humans persist

 roxanne was a high energy
and experimental 
table mate. she worked in hot pink
to push herself.
 dorothy considering our
"blind" stitching
 out my window
at the place i was staying
appaloosa sky
 considering kantha
 batik discharge
spun by therese
brought for me to see
 her sweet spindle
 something holy
 something old
 something borrowed and blue
 betsy's marks are formed
of fire and light

 graphic delight
 workshop hands
made things with string
dorothy made string
to document place
 and i kept sky watching
while filling up my car, 
for example
 patterning under my feet.
 a simple 
little structure
suitable for kids and smaller sampling
sorts of books,
textile sensibility/
some of our small books
with that nifty easy binding
betsy's little book
on a spiraled pie basket
that held betsy's wool,
so, this kind of class makes you think and try things unlike
the same old same old
but the women students were grand in this group.
hearts of diamonds and rust,
meeting and knowing one another,
in 5 days you can dig
a bit deeper, 
in your own work and support each other.
we all wanted to keep going.
we will,
just not at longridge farm
or with dorothy caldwell,
both of whom we will miss most dreadfully.
i am making marks with a certain 
difference, now.


ronnie said...

this is a 'diamonds and rust' kinda post..... and I'm digging it xxx

deanna7trees said...

so many inspiring images. it must have been fabulous.

wholly jeanne said...

five days. dorothy caldwell. cloth. sweet spindles. woven baskets. books. clouds. kantha stitching. books. a week like this does something to a gal. something good.

Sue Marrazzo said...

So-So Interesting!
I enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

it all looks so wonder-full. we all need a workshop like that occasionally to keep us making. the sweet spindle looks like an akha from

Barry said...

V - such creative diversity; and lots of challenges and opportunities. Looks like you all had a fun gathering and sharing. B

Velma Bolyard said...

ronnie, exactly! it's hard to leave this gathering
deanna, yes
jeanne, alters the brain trails a bit
sue, great!
barry, huge diversity working together

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, you know exactly how important this was for me, watershed teachings are HUGE.

Jennifer said...

Great post Velma! It truly captures the experience of a Dorothy Caldwell class. Hope you don't mind...I shared the link to this post on my FB artist page. Enjoy!

Christine said...

yes indeed!

lotta said...

Sounds like a amazing time. And by sharing we all get a glimpse of the magic. Thank you!

Alice said...

Beautiful series of posts. Inspired & inspiring. I'm in love with those little woven bindings.

Mo Crow said...

interesting how the back of the work, the blind side where marks are made without conscious intent are so intriguing...
thank you for sharing your days and insights.

Velma Bolyard said...

jennifer, no worries, sharing is what's important
christine, !!!
lotta, time away from time
alice, thank you. the bindings are great for small pieces
mc oh, yes, the back of my long piece may become my cover...because it's so interesting.

kathyd said...

wonderful post . i always love a teacher that challenges how i think.
i would love this class .

Fiona Dempster said...

from afar this looks like a course that has gotten under your skin and become a part of you; that will travel with you and sow seeds into unexpected places with magnificent results...

Velma Bolyard said...

kathy, indeed! me, too.
fiona, that is my hope, and i think it already has begun.

Merike said...

Velma, thanks for sharing these inspirational photos and ponderings. It is in workshops like these that we find ourselves and grow, not just during, but also after!

Velma Bolyard said...

merike, it is indeed. i couldn't begin to write how wonderful this all was-and how MUCH i have been pondering and my fingers itch to make stuff...three more work days!

therese said...

...soooo great to see you again, velma ~ such wonder-filled days they were. re-entry into the every-day world has been interesting.....unexpected "marks" everywhere i look.

Velma Bolyard said...

therese, ahh, then it's been ok, your eyes newly opened. mine, too.

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