Saturday, August 30, 2014


it's a sky
changing changing
 over at the new place
the lovely green roof 
(yes, i see that it looks silver, but it's not)
two chimneys
a care package came from aimee

i needed to 
connect with some paper
some fiber
something gifted was perfect
those greens are from the milkweed i harvested 
in cleveland in july.
she always understands this. 
it's happening right here at home
in fact,
it began two weeks ago
but i played 
but next week
school begins
and i will become a teacher


Ms. said...

Lovely changes...oh the turning!

Alice said...

No no no, I can't believe it's that time. I'm not ready. I may get a few extra weeks down at this latitude.

mansuetude said...

Oh no !

ruma said...


Grande Idée et le concept.

du Japon, ruma❃

Mo Crow said...

your leaves are turning and beginning to let go just as ours are greening into spring!

aimee said...

it happened too soon, this return to fall (as much as i love that season best). and you know you are ALWAYS a teacher.

Penny said...

Love seeing what you have been doing and where you have been. Here spring is coming after an odd dry winter.

onesmallstitch said...

Aimee is right - you are always a teacher. just some variety in who, what and where. the weather is shifting ever so slightly here. cooler days and the light is softer.

Velma Bolyard said...

ms, loving the changes is so easy
alice and m and mc, see above! love the changes!
aimee, too true!
penny, odd seems to be the weather these days
jean, the light!!!

Valerianna said...

I became a teacher again last week... today, off, so short work week this week. Always feels better to eaaaase into the start of the semester. Change it is a comin' !

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes, i though that moght have been your "fate". enjoy!

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