Thursday, August 28, 2014

monday editions on thursday

hanging out in another's studio was fun
 especially since i was there 
to lead four artists 
into the depths of contact printing on paper
and a bit of cloth as well
 merike's work is rich 
and i had so much fun 
looking around her workspace
when i wasn't working
 we enjoyed the riches of plants and papers
 and worked in the maine woods
right next door was new hampshire
you could straddle the line
if you were so inclined.
 at night i had fun slippers to wear
with my nightie
 and sometimes there is 
a funny mystery in a world of mystery
 while i travelled,
susan gaylord mentioned 
her next 
spirit book
 will have my papers in it!
susan had a table at
the book arts bazaar in april
in portland maine
and we finally met,
and she bought some botanical paper.
 i love when this happens.
 then i went to acadia and mt desert island...
here is sand beach
 where i looked at the beach up close
 and in another direction...
i loved the seaweed this trip,
 the layers of ocean 
 at the northeast harbor library
i looked at some woolies
 and skateboard art
 then hannah took me to
thuya garden
a grand door
 garden gate
and a big pot
 and woods,
carefully nurtured and 
featuring the great north woods.
 even the trailing stuff was intentional.
 details of the lodge 
the summer house
 there was a pool here.
 tiny details almost overstepped
 and these!
 this zinc sink 
made me happy
 as did the ruffed grouse
and these two family hooligans
were hamming for the camera.
it was a whirlwind trip,
and i have still
to catch up.
here in pixie space,
wrote a lovely piece
about our fun collaboration,
a measure, a book,


india flint said...

I could put that big pot to very good use!

Velma Bolyard said...

india, i imagine you totally could do just that!

ronnie said...

ooo I could just walk into so many of these pics.... I want to know what's beside the flowers, what's behind the door, what's in the pot.... I want to turn the pages of those booky bits....


I've got a case of the 'wants' again

roz said...

ahhh , i see them . perfect!

Gardener in the Distance said...

Beautiful, Velma! I too love that zinc sink.

Velma Bolyard said...

ronnie, re. wants- that's what's so hard about the interuniverse, we can want so much more. (me, too)
roz, yes! i let them go (finally)
faisal, yes, a new one, but well used and patinaed!

Mo Crow said...

thank you for sharing the bounty with this cornucopia of a post!

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, it's harvest time

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