Saturday, September 27, 2014

negbw mini conference and home

this image has become my recent favorite
from maine, in acadia
these are the bits i made 
working with nancy leavitt at cclc
(near lubec.)
who came by each of us at work
and wrote out our names
just my name
i have lousy lettering skills
but nancy spoke about the COLOR
and i began to treat it
more like line and shape.
and there were delicious experiments on watercolor
and gouache 
with quill
and pen and brush

nancy prepped a portfolio for each of us
filled with sample papers to try
my favorite was one of katie macgregor's
who was my afternoon teacher.
i could kick myself for not taking, 
one photo
at her studio.
but this is the tiny keepsake
she gave us all
and of course the two sheets i pulled
will be along presently.
this is my table currently
with two printouts of the first photo
one on my daylily paper, one on glossy stock
plus there are several sheets of katie's paper
that i brought away to experiment with.
sometime ago i fell madly in love
with these small depictions
of first nations people's
work and living spaces.
the mapping of how we choose to live
interests me,
and the maps themselves
dance with play.


  1. I am drooling over here... big slobbery drools -- I have loved nancy's work for a couple of decades (lurve lurve) and that little handout folder is a gem! (everything here is a gem)


  2. ronnie, you must come over someday, and meet the incredible nancy!
    india, yes, i know you do!

  3. Oh, Velma - (((Mmmmmmmmmmmmm)))

  4. i am drawn to the image of rusty metals.the watercolor and marks also speak volumes.

  5. michelle, yep, mmm!
    neki, not rusty metal, but lichens and tidepool in maine!

  6. Soaking in texture here... good stuff. Monday I start playing in the vat with my students.

  7. everything is wonderful. I love tide pools full of life, and maps - trying to make sense and organize a small part of our world.

  8. valerie, yay!
    jean, tide pool. i even love the words

  9. sending you a big enthusiastic yes!

  10. chris, and that's the same for me-yes to you. YOU know.

  11. Beautiful mark making, map making, memory making.

  12. that map is a bit like a petri dish


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