Wednesday, February 18, 2015

full disclosure

a little piece of hosta paper
very strong
made on my miniature lee macdonald wove mould
with pigment
i've been rubbing north country soils into my little papers
and shifu,
taking ochres from road cuts
soils from marshes
and this
this is something left over from the dye pot.
"The fertile fronds of sensitive fern bear spores in the bead-like structures."
after dyeing papers in the contact print dyepot
then drying out
they shed powder.
dyed spores,
a slightly different take
local pigment gathering.
and here we are
in print


Therese said...

whoaaaa.... would be fun to make a watercolor cake from the spores. hey, i just read that if you collect fern spores on a midsummer night's eve in Finland that one takes on the magic of invisibility. i wonder what happens when collecting them after contact dyeing on a cold winter's day in the North Country. you've definitely got magic in your hands, velma.

Velma Bolyard said...

therese, yep! and let's off to finland for midsummer! or rather to longridge...

jude said...


Judy Martin said...

nature and you. it's back and forth, isn't it. Each of you takes turns - and the artist within listens, receives, responds. So exciting.

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, that's very beautiful. sometimes it works that way, if i pay attention.

Catherine Alice said...

Hi Velma! Bill guessed it was fern frond. And it did have that gesture, but those little balls on the end then seemed so seed-like in the photo. Awesome of you to make this discovery.

Velma Bolyard said...

catherine, bill is amazing, of course, and it does have a fern gesture. i had to look it up myself, i knew the powder was dyed spores, but i didn't understand that it was sensitive fern (which i should have known!)

Sweetpea said...

As you may already know, Velma,
I am in love with *both* kinds of beads ... ;>]
This development is quite exquisite!

Linda Marcille (Woods-whisperer) said...

A trinity of delight in this post. Educational, alchemical and beautiful!

Velma Bolyard said...

christi, such a habit...i seem to have maxed out on bead beads...i am super pleased with this discovery...
linda, thank you, by the way, for the fb thing, too. nifty for little ol' me!

Sharmon Davidson said...

just gorgeous!

Velma Bolyard said...

sharmon, thank you!

Mo Crow said...

ohhh such wild alchemy Velma!

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, you know from alchemy!

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