Saturday, February 7, 2015

snow and writing

...and it's SNOWING still!
i'm loving all the snow, but loving more
the slightly milder temperatures.
i rejoice that the temp is above zero
it means 
eyeballs don't feel like they're freezing into your brain.
it's not THIS mild~
more like this:
and this
(i ate the tiny one)

i have a few newsy bits:
run by peter verheyen of the book arts list serv 
is featuring my book review of THE SPIRIT BOOKS by susan gaylord.

it was hard to finish this
but not hard to enjoy susan's 
rich gem of a book.
go over to her place for a visit.
i'm trying to finish some obligations i'd taken on
without realizing how consuming this school year would be.
writing is hard with a haphazard mind
teased by the energies of
it's been mostly fun having more snow this winter
and finding how lovely one of my neighbors has been
plowing me out several times
without charge
and making my life so much easier.
a snow day or delayed start to school,
and in a week will be winter break.
maybe i will get to work on 
the books i owe folks
and the two editions i have planned.


Barry said...

V - snow days - just so different to our sun days. The sky was so clear and the sun so intense today that the solar hot water boiled and vented. Glad you find the gentler snow days as quiet times to catch up. Go well. B

Mo Crow said...

it's been a long time since I ate an icicle, thanks Velma & great review of Susan's beautiful book!

aimee said...

love all of your writing! yay. yes, a bit too much snow here, but the icicles are spectacular.

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, this prolonged snowy weather is testing us a bit, it's like old times.
mc, thanks about the review, icicles are one of winter's treats!
aimee, you're the victim of so much of my incoherent writing!

Ms. said...

Thank goodness for kindly neighbors! The view is delightful. May your snowday prove fruitful AND relaxing (important element in the artists life)

Velma Bolyard said...

michelle, i have to stay home today anyway, freezing rain in the air but the temp is 5. go figure!

Valerianna said...

Its quite a winter. And, I love the Spirit Books. happy snowy days.

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, i'm glad you know the spirit books.

Anonymous said...

So, enjoyed your snow & review, and your words "a haphazard mind teased by the energies of teenagers." ( for me it's ten year olds).

Anonymous said...

oh my, all that snow. it does look beautiful but I'm happy I'm not shoveling it. wonderful book review, it looks very special.

Velma Bolyard said...

i think 10 year olds are wonderfully pre-pubescent and therefore trying but still possess brains...
jean, i might be able to convince the snow gods to make a special trip...

Heather said...

Glad that you have survived all the snow. We are under a similar deluge on the west coast, except it is in the liquid form. We can hardly complain!

Velma Bolyard said...

heather, i'm sure you need lots of delicious rain.

neki desu said...

velma, you somehow manage to take the cold out of snow pictures and give them a halo of warm beauty.

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