Tuesday, August 11, 2015

transitioning to home

sandra brownlee gifted us
with world enough and time
five days
enough being there
and enough safety to laugh
to be quiet
to think and work
in ways new and in safe emotional space
i can't remember one guarded or sarcastic word.
so we had individual time with sandra
and in this sacred space
another student, lynda shalagan, painted our exchange.
under nancy's apple tree.
 our lines, a poem

 sandra shared a book by hedi kyle
 the font
 mending words
 some bugs
 sacred things
 oriface: hay
 dear therese inside a big paper
 all of us in the barn
 for the one who couldn't come
and here, here is a book
made by my student lynn keffer
at w.s.w.
so lovely.
(apologies to those who i didn't have time to ask permission of:
we're in a bit of a crisis here)


Penny said...

Oh Velma, this brought back memories with the lovely class I had with Sandra.Hope to catch up with you at the Grampian next year, I will only be there for the week end and am doing a stitching class which I hope will be relaxing as a lot going on here too. Would have loved to do your 4 day class but not to be.

Jennifer said...

Heavenly. Your post brings it all back. I took yesterday to just be...oops!...simply be in my house and take joy in the doing of normal house things - like laundry which I'd usually dislike. "Be here now" keeps running through my mind along with a host of phrases.

Hope your crisis at home is not serious and is easily solved. Enjoy!

Barry said...

Hi V - not all workshop create bonds and shared energy - this one seems to have all those good things in loads - I love it when you can immerse oneself in creativity with out competition and with connectedness. B

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the watercolor of you. Captures your essence.
Lovely seeing you yesterday.

Velma Bolyard said...

penny, i will look for you, at least to give a you hug. i wish we could have time together, you are a very dedicated and gifted student.
jennifer, be here now. in laundry, in house, in crisis, it's what we do. and in art.
barry, yes, you're so right. sandra creates an exceptional space
claudia, i love this pic, too. so much more me than most photos, and the convo with sandra was very good.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

A pause after each photo brought it all back. Thank you. xox

Velma Bolyard said...

corrine, yes, you are right, for me, too.

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