Tuesday, October 27, 2015


these images have been haunting me
all fall.
every time i find them
hanging around on my desktop
i sigh and remember.
 some presences are beings.
if only material 
they stand strong.

two friends got in touch lately with wonders,
todd pattison made a tiny bookshelf for me.
called "martha's vineyard sunshine"
a whole shelf!
of contact printed bindings on wee books
living on their wee shelf.
 lee thompson made several of her stitched paintings
based on photos from my barn.
she sent me two barn pieces (!!!)
 the door latch
 and one that is her own winding river in a wintery contour map of a place.
astonishing, again.
 i took some quick, not very well done photos
to share with you
because i wanted to show you how special
you human makers are.
my friend wendy speaks of how important matteria is
the stuff, the stuff i, we, make.
i am grateful and joyous to be a fiber, paper, book maker. 
and have friends who also make things,
useful and beautiful.
i added these last two 
indigo an stars from therese 


  1. Just read these two quotes in class before critique yesterday, and yes, what India said, matter matters!

    …. material is a means of communication. That listening to it, not dominating it, makes us truly active, that is: to be active, be passive. The finer tuned we are to it, the closer we come to art. – Anni Albers

    The man who dreams can receive visions of extraordinary landscapes, faces of perfect beauty, but nothing can fix these visions without a medium and without substance, and memory only barely records them, as the souvenir of memory. What distinguishes dreams from reality is that the man who dreams cannot generate an art for his hands are asleep. Art is made with the hands. They are the instruments of creation, and, above all, they are the organ of knowledge.

    - Henri Focillon

  2. india and valerie, three perfect quotes. thank you.

  3. Hi V - love the stitched paintings - something special about seeing the ordinary in an unexpected medium. Some good friends to share beautiful art stuff with you - joy. B

  4. Beautiful work, just love the bookcase.

  5. barry, lee's pieces are astonishing. and yes, friends of making matter so much.
    debbie, isn't it amazing?

  6. ah what a pleasure for the eyes

  7. mo, yep. pleasure is highly underrated!

  8. beauty for the eyes and fingertips. love the star stitched indigo.

  9. Dear Velma,
    You have been on my mind. I am so glad I visited. You humbly serve incredible knowing.

  10. neki, i remember a special thing came all the way from madrid once upon a time...
    roxanne, that's a lovely thing to say.


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