Sunday, October 18, 2015

impossiblities and books

spotted at elevation 825 (i think) at the new place i call home.
for you who have placed orders for November, A Map, i thank you. 
i did underestimate postage, but then that's my error, no worries, please. 
for you who asked, don't send more, please.
 do let me know if they arrive safe and sound.
or not.
that's letterpress!
yes, i was overwhelmed last week. 
modified a little, i wrote a list to a friend.
it was overwhelming.
i am a juggler and my assistant is, too.
but sometimes we are topsy turvy or just plain confused.
(a blurry barn photo from bottom to roof)
this week will be better.
drew matott is on his way to make peace paper 
(pulp paintings) 
with us at school!!!


  1. some days are diamonds, some days are dust.... hope the next few days are easier V xxxx

  2. Hi V - such a beautiful image - a frosted fragile flower - thanks for sharing; and be rested and well. B

  3. ronnie, monday was a little rusty, a little dusty. sigh.
    barry, that daisy raised my spirits, and when i found it frosted and bold, well i knew i could make it through.

  4. Velma, it's frost again here, ,too, and I saw a few white violets blooming on my path!
    I like to see that letterpress on your papers

  5. susan, violets sometimes make a little second coming here, too, though not so late in the year.


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