Wednesday, November 11, 2015

round the place

teaching this fall.
has taken a toll.
somehow i wanted to put a brave face on things
so here i am.
i hate being photographed.
 these are some of the doings here:
shanna leino sent me this lovely elk folder
 which i didn't need
but wanted because it's beautiful.
it's slight curve perfectly fits my hand.
i love the carving.
 there have been mornings
early, before sunrise,
of misty skeins
days of these, but only a few photos.
 the ladies appeared when i wasn't watching.
 and moss and lichen continue to make soil
here from asphalt shingles.
 there are a few rose leaves holding on.
 and my old windows badly in need of scraping and painting,
 become a mirror for an autumn sunset.
 my camera is not doing well
but this funky old door
in need of paint and unpainted 
because i love the texture.
 autumn winds are doing their part.
 sweeping leaves from their deciduous mamas.
 and the light in late afternoon is brilliant
if it's not raining.
 we've had a long lingering warm fall.
 on my drive to work i spotted something wonderful!
 far off through thick woods
invisible before because of the thick leaves,
a BIG power line travels.
and on it
this glorious huge nest.
 those are STICKS not twigs.
osprey? eagle?
and what i thought was a raven quarking and landing in a distant tree, 
appears instead to be a hawk.
i have been making long, large prints
 for a large book.
round the place i'll know that fall is here.


Blue Roof Designs said...

I am having some serious bone folder envy - lucky you!

Velma Bolyard said...

elissa, (i forget-do you have only one s?). i saw her stash before standards and really loved it. and she let me buy it. i love her tools!

jude said...

large prints there, large cloth here.

Alice said...

Your large prints are gorgeous.

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, large is soo freeing!
alice, thank you. i like struggling to make them work (and it is a struggle!)

Sweetpea said...

However difficult your fall, it does not seem to have detracted from
your creative work ... perhaps has even intensified it?
That paper is SCRUMPTIOUS.

neki desu said...

lucky she who has space for large.
i too have something for peeling paint

ronnie said...

ooo this has everything I love --- the non-selfie selfie, the peeling paint, papery goodness, raptors nests, and lots of things to look up to xxxxxx

handstories said...

You, too? I don't remember a more difficult fall in teaching…what's happening?
Your pages hold Worlds, gorgeous.

Ms. said...

The story is gentle, the way it unfolds in beautiful pictures, and the large cloths magnificent. Long ago yester-years when I was painting and drawing, I got a big white roll, drew on it realistic figures that followed the sky signs from Greek myth, and with the image of a large drum that could be viewed suspended and turned (it never got constructed and is now just a roll of paper in the closet. I also wished for a twenty foot by forty foot plaster wall that I could paint on directly. I wanted the freeing feel of a large gesture. That project never happened either, but I have freed myself in other ways.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Velma...your prints are SO pretty!

(N I really love the pic above your masthead...those colors are GLORIOUS!)

Had to laugh about your comment re scraping and painting...ugh us, too.
Meant to get it done THIS year but (sigh) oh well...maybe next.
The joys of home ownership in our 4-season climates. ;-)


Mo Crow said...

that last photo is magic!

Velma Bolyard said...

sweetpea, why thank you. the fall took a toll on my body, and heart, though!
neki, there's lots of space here. lots.
ronnie, thank you! methinks we may just be kindred spirits!
cindy, all i can say is i hope it betters...and thankyou
michelle, i think lots of projects have to only partially happen, as long as the ideas keep coming
treena, welcome, and thank you. th enew place has no exterior paint. YAY.
mo, sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

fabulous photos - fantastic nest - love that last long paper. hope they all ease the workday stress.

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, yes, they do. also, veteran's day, a day off mid week was a real boon to cleaning/organizing/as aimee says, admin.

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