Thursday, January 21, 2016

ian's shop

i have a son who is trying to make a business of
house portrait drawing. 
ian moved to portland, oregon
a long time ago...
in the, is it eight? years he's been away
i've seen him twice.
he does keep in touch, and lately decided to try
making a living from his 
amazing "hoosies".
                                       here are some of his most recent drawings:

in process:
 a note-tag for a bigger drawing

funky house of worship
 a place to play

if you like this work, ask him to show you his heart.
it's amazing!
his portraits have such soul and humor,
and sometimes 
a great, lovely sadness, 
like life.


  1. Ian's work is remarkable and wonderful. Our son moved to Kauai almost 5 years ago and we see him all too seldom.

  2. Really just meant to say that I'm in sympathy with the long stretches between visits with your son. The years fly past so quickly.

  3. love Ian's "hoosies" charming and very nostalgic, the cottage at the lake I spent my childhood summers at looked just like that. will you see Ian next summer?

  4. These are delightful to look at ... I enjoyed enlarging them the better to see the bits of whimsy

  5. wonderful work, so much personality in his drawings, the houses have come to life. xox

  6. stephanie, yes, he has so much "story" in the drawing, i do miss him...
    jean, wow, lake cottages bring back fond memories for me, too.
    liz, whimsy is a good word!
    corrine, yes. sometimes they dance, too.

  7. they are so full of warmth & personality…just great

  8. love them! don't ask me why bu i see kindness in those drawing.

  9. i love his drawings. my son considered doing something like this long ago, in altered photo form, but now he is onto something else.

  10. mo, cindy, neki, you are all spot on. neki, i like that you spotted the kindness.
    jude, your son' photos are so good. these creative ones...


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