Wednesday, January 13, 2016

winter sky

the wonderful winter sky
is companion to this walker.
some little snow
 came on.
only a little and very icy
for me that means i won't ski.
 barnhenge is leaning
without a skin to hold it taut
it is leaving, leaning, leaning. 
 and still the clouds
 this old yard table sinks deeper 
 into the snow
 small doings
stitch footprints through the few inches.
 i peep through the one mulberry that lived
from a planting of eight.
 there was a small deer visiting the black eyed susan
seed heads
 not much was eaten
probably not tasty 
(though that one was bold to come close to the house)
 leaving plenty of seed
for dyework and
for the new garden at the place
called home.
going home.


  1. Winter skies in your world are beautiful and so peaceful. Here too. Winter has a special resonance. xox

  2. all moved in to the new place called Home?

  3. corrine, that resonance, peace, a feeling of fecundity in hiding, briefly
    mo, no, just longing for it to be complete.

  4. hope you are enjoying the snowy weather and beautiful skies.

  5. Hi V - all the signs of winter are there - enjoy the transformation as best you physically can. Go well. B

  6. so many things to look at -- look up, down and all around xxxx

  7. neki, more and more at home, but not completely.
    jean, yes. more snow would be lovely.
    barry, working on it.
    ronnie, look up! YOU know!


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