Sunday, February 21, 2016

finish line

 the week that was winter break
flew and plodded along 
 with icy marvels 
and deep cold.
the birches drooped
and the fence lines made new patterns.
 just over a week until i leave for australia!
more about that in a day or so.
good news graced the inbox
my two books available above on this site
(see the bar with the shop label?)
Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus and November, A Map
were just purchased for the poetry collection
at the University of Buffalo (Lockwood Library).
i am dancing to think that my poem/books are there.
 i loved the woven ice as the sun began to sink
 and saw scarlet and purple and greens in the dazzle
as i get my stuff together for the trip
to australia
i've spotted above this summer prunus print on arches
 and below 
four hosta papers
colored with north country ochres
i also realized this terrible headache
and weariness is
a sinus infection
so i got myself to the after hours clinic today
and am taking a killer antibiotic.
the wonderful doctor had an auspicious name: wendy.
there was a wonderful visit from hannah this week
who modeled a unicorn head
at brewer bookstore.
i had a wonderful and wonderfully long chat with an artist 
about some new teaching locally.
and more news is coming,
i promise.


  1. Beautiful images and beautiful thoughts and wonderful news and more to come. May you be well soon. Don't forget to take in some live good bacterial cultures after your antibiotic course is over.

  2. Love those icy fence lines. So sad I won't see you in Oz, have a great time, really peeved I won't be there.

  3. Those pictutes of the icy fence! Really wonderfull, I've never seen. Unfortunately the winters here are not that cold and yet I like it so much.
    Take care and all the best for your preparations.

  4. the ice was here,the ice was there, the ice was all around....
    your ice is auspicious though.

  5. michelle, i am so on top of this s.i. because i don't want a re-reun in oz. i eat yogurt (real yogurt) most days...thanks for the reminder.
    sue, thank you!
    penny, i will really miss you!
    brigit, i've never seen the fence lines quite like this!
    neki, yes, it is. i'm glad it didn't cause power outages and big trouble this time. icy this morning, again.

  6. congratulations on having your books selected, a well deserved recognition. Beautiful frosty pictures. Stay well, travel safely.

  7. what magical photos x fingers you will be able to take a small detour along the way and let us show you the sites here in Sydney!

  8. jean, been dancing aimee's happy dance! and thank you.
    mo, we'll see!!! thanks.

  9. The ice on the fence looks like hanging taper candles! Driving into Watertown, NY last week there was a willow tree covered in ice - it looked like tinsel. So pretty! Congratulations on having your books purchased for a collection. That is exciting. :D

  10. genevieve, thanks. you know how special it is.

  11. Those icy photos brought back memories of living in the north, although I don't think I EVER saw anything so beautiful as your photos… journey my dear….and take care of that infection! Sending it love…..

  12. this ice storm was less devastating and more beautiful that those we've had lately.

  13. V- absolutely gorgeous images of the sunlight through icicles - thanks for sharing. Go well. B

  14. barry, it was so gorgeous here then. now there's tons of water on top of it and it's slippery going and the rivers are high!


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