Tuesday, February 9, 2016

sandra's gift

as i prepare for oz
i'm working
weaving and spinning and drawing.
 i finished up
 a soft book
 rooted in a gift of cloth
shop cloth
mechanic's clean-up cloth.
(i am the final,
fifth daughter
of a seamstress and a mechanic.)
 and kami-ito spun from lokta
 sandra brownlee's gift
 became a small book
full of many stitches.
and touch.


Barry said...

V- a soft book in preparation for coming down under. Go well. B

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, it was all about touch.

Mo Crow said...

love those lokta x's

Anonymous said...

love the idea of a book full of stitches - and worked with kami ito!

Stephanie Westerhout said...

Looking at this, the word "scrumptious" immediately came to mind. This cloth just begs to be touched.

Velma Bolyard said...

mo, jean and stephanie, it's all about touch, the crinkly cotton and the spun lokta, together, friends.

Suzanna said...

It is beautiful! I love it. Happy travels when the time comes...

over the rainbow said...

As I jumped to this comment page I'm struck with how often the word 'touch' was mentioned because that's what I thought when I first saw the image of the cloth. And what I was about to say here. I know that cloth …. how I'm not sure, but I'm always drawn to it when I see it at the hardware store. I'm sure my Dad had them too….and they are very 'touchable' for sure. I'm recalling the sight of oil on them, and feeling those two substances, the oil and that cloth, did not belong together at all. Your stitches and the cloth DO look scrumptious.
I love your book and the fact that your off to OZ again!

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks, suzanna
and maryanne (geesh, that doesn't look right--now i've done it, forgotten your name) sandra brownlee gave us all these at a workshop at longridge last summer. i started stitching right away. oz is on the threshold for me and i am very excited!

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