Wednesday, April 20, 2016


taking a few hours here
marking stillness.
robins greet the morning
as do i
and i take a day away
time to regather my wits
my worries
my responsibilities and
my love.
 there have been some challenges
as i count down the days 
teaching special eduction
in a local school.
 sometimes i feel a little suspended
formed by hands
 always fiber
 the lilacs are beginning to leaf out
 and a flicker came to the new place
giving me a show
as he explored the eating
 just outside the front wndow.
 what a beautiful bird
one i've only seen as it flickers by
or leaves yellow and spotted feathers 
as gifts i accept.
 there are a pair!
oh, and more to the point.
 everytime i return home
 whitetail are behind the yard
 in front of the barn.
these are for my children
this little flock.
my old house 
needs a new young family.
so i can take
myself over to the new place
and begin learning to live
in a wilderness place.
(there, i didn't mention


  1. I love the quiet spaces you share

  2. mo, thanks, and thanks to the spaces, i need them

  3. I'm finding that the lilacs and cherry blossoms help a lot.

  4. Hi V - the return to work-work, particularly as challenging as yours, is always hard after time away from it. May the creative time away sustain you; and may the beauty around you nurture you. B

  5. cindi, lilacs won't be blossoming for a while and we're too far north for cherriesBUT the box elders are in flower!
    barry, a june 30 retirement date beckons...i can imagine you and fiona are full of the stones as you return to your mountain.


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