Tuesday, June 28, 2016


my partner's amazing daughter
married her amazing love
over the weekend.
we traveled to sweet vermont
to help them celebrate.
hannah met us there, 
so we had lots of time together.
 leah and nate
weddings bring up all sorts of deep emotions.
but what i loved
was watching them
caring for each other and all of us
there was a huge crowd with LOTS of children.
 returning to
the north country,
with time to relax for a change.
to process all that richness
to think about some work that has been knocking at the door,
and only two commitments this summer.
 a page from spring walk, my first shifu book
the horsetail is in full leaf
on the roadsides
and the evening sky
played all kinds of music.
it's coming back a little bit.
june evening light
i've found a duo who sing music that feels right to me
anna and elizabeth
and they make these wonderful wonderful
shows called crankies.
there was dancing at the wedding,
my feet weren't happy enough to dance
(i'm also a r&r girl)
there are days and days ahead.
retired now five days.
musing on ideas...
over here is a nifty treat.
download it and check out these two guys
who have made a nifty book.


  1. beautiful! Happy, happy retirement, so much time to chase creative visions.

  2. what a perfect way to begin your retirement! happy happy.

  3. jean, yes, so far it just feels like forever stretching out in front of me!
    aimee, yes, it seems just right.

  4. Could not think of anything nicer than a summer wedding in Vt., time of wild strawberries, sunshine and love.

  5. arija, it was that exactly. a lovely wedding, the bride picked over 100 quarts of strawberries for us...delicious for next day breakfast with maple syrup, waffles, and whipped cream.

  6. ♥country weddings.and if they come with strawberries what else can i add?


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