Wednesday, September 14, 2016

september stuff

geese are practicing formation
these guys got the straight line figured out
{goose stitch}
one early morning recently
i took these four photos
 a beautiful beginning
 i have been finding roadkills
that are coming into the studio
for a bit
then are buried.
 to honor and appreciate
is my purpose.
work continues on intergenerationality
under these books
 look and see,
contact printed handmade papers,
papers by genevieve nordmark lapp. 
for the 
hand papermaking intergenerationality portfolio
materials for printing
 and donna sakamoto crispin
made me these tiny rattles
with slippery elm bark 
and clam shells from her home.
 (i didn't ask her what's inside, 
can you guess?


  1. those rattles ! i wonder how they sound in person. hmmmmmm. your bird without wings is my absolute favorite...I can't stop looking at that gorgeous skin. what a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  2. love your gathering autumn colours

  3. therese, their rattles are tiny, maybe beans? that garter snake-i was so happy to rescue it from the road.
    mo, the real light show (the trees, you know) has only just begun. but it's a beautiful transitioning this year.

  4. jude, loose goose stitch witch sky fly
    (oh, my)

  5. Goose stitch! Beautiful photographs. Roadkill treasure, and the rattle has a stone or perhaps a dried up little clam? Can't wait to see the paper and what you will make of it.

  6. Hi V - I know you know that we share a love of dawn and light and clouds - so it is no surprise that I love your early morning photos. Continue to walk and enjoy and collect. Go well. B

  7. oh my goodness - goose stitch and rattles! What beautiful images of transition...always lovely to walk with you - outside and inside the studio.

  8. michelle, the paper was made and i've printed it, they're part of an edition for handpapermaking journal. maybe i'll ask donna about the innards.
    barry, looking up--we should require politicians to spend 15 minutes daily looking at the sky. thanks!
    fiona, thank you, goose rattles was the next logical step and now i'm thinking differently.

  9. those rattles too! Beautiful images of the autumn season now upon us....I am hearing the geese here as well....and at night the coyotes across the river. Enjoy the season! -- Cheers, Patti

  10. patti, geese and coyotes are singing september songs (though they have been vocalizing, it's just feeling different now). donna made the rattles so perfect!


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