Monday, September 19, 2016

washi and firewood

a beautiful surprise 
accompanied a stitched piece from jude
and i covered the work table with it.
almost all of the work disappeared,
but just like inside ourselves
we still have all the stuff, even if it's hidden
it isn't.
so i went out walking at sunset
at the new place
 the sky was behaving strangely over there
(it's on the edge of the wilderness which may explain why)
 it was warm as summer,
and quieter evening sounds, 
and a mad dash by a bunny and two ducks wings echoing that in the sky
indicate summer's ending.
 it also warm today.
  water here,
 is the drainage from trout lake
flowing through our land
is constantly altered by beaver work.
 someone left a message,
not the beavers,
 on the bridge rail.
 preparations have been made
for winter
 fire wood
 covered, my table still has loads of work.
i will uncover this
perhaps by spinning this right up into
we are two thirds done with the project
 100 sheets completed
 resting under another piece of thick washi
which came to me as 
for a piece by chimani ricketts. 
reuse recycle upcycle sustainability.......
 all of it,
used to be how we humans managed our lives.
occasionally making something spectacularly beautiful
or singing a glorious song
or telling a story
that matters 
to the children
(ornery little beasts that they are, and 
yes i can say this as mom of two)
this rich delicious breathing mother earth
 here in the north country begins to think of rest.
winter is coming.
ducks fly, cottontails flee, blue jays call
and the pileated woodpecker who resides on our land
one of two from the summer,
makes us laugh.
tells us a story


  1. such a beautiful post full of calm and the release of autumn as we approach the balancing point of the equinox

  2. mo, thanks, it's a "bit" of a meander through the crazy days, but it's what i'm up to.

  3. Isn't it wonderful how the drumbeat of the school year has been replaced by your own meandering rhythm?

  4. After visitng Grace and being transported, here I am in your wonderful world. It's all so beautiful and bountiful I'm hoping I dream of it tonight.

  5. michelle, may your dreams be lovely.

  6. beautiful skies - reminding us all that nothing ever stays the same.

  7. it's good when things go round in useful circles

  8. i am in awe of that glorious woodpile.

  9. jude, i know--he's made three of them, so much warmth!

  10. Hi Velma,
    As always thank you for visiting my blog ramblings...nice to see your continuum of responses to the natural world...your photos make me want to leave the city.

  11. glen, delighted that i can make you feel like being in the country. i love cities, just for short visits, though!

  12. V - beautiful images of the sheets and the stacks of wood - so winter is creeping up on you. Stay safe and warm. B

  13. barry, first frost last night. officially fall now!

  14. Interested in your hand made paper project. x

  15. judy, here's the link: our part of the project is almost done, just the writing to complete.


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