Saturday, October 29, 2016

autumn stuff

see the geese?
and here i'm wearing hannah's beautiful sweater
(knitted twice)
she says i have to smile more
hannah visited for a few days,
after a marathon and a job interview
and a long drive
first to montpelier
then to the north country.
 she's addicted to yarn,
wool mostly.
she remembers fondly my little flock
of mostly brown sheep.
 after hannah went home
i used slu's paper mill
(zone 4 paper)
where i beat thistledown fiber first
and then linen canvas.
the linen clogged the beater
and while fixing melissa found this,
 large helping of old, 
oniionized pulp.
thick and light
a map of sorts of who'd been there.
 i brought home thistledown sheets
and put them into a jerry-rigged drying stack
 on the counter the thistledown 
(and that's all there is, no formation aid)
and here it is,
layered on fall prints
 and i finished off yesterday what i began 
on wednesday
 this edition of paper is exactly like it was when i made it 
without a beater, using only a blender.
a two sided sheet,
 extremely textured.
a decorative sheet, but pretty satisfying to use
north country fiber.


  1. That's a lovely photo of you---and the paper is wonderfully textured on a fine ground, a lot like the ground itself. Here's a little ditty slightly related

  2. mo, the paper is light, it's just dark in color!
    michelle, thank you. you can't see much of hannah's beautiful sweater, though. the thistledown paper is really earthy, very dark. i looks like it's a relative to the sweater, i suppose, but it's wool.

  3. You look cozy in that sweater but Hannah's right; smiling more is a Good Thing. Loved clicking the photo to be sure to see the geese! And those trees! They remind me of my growing up in SW Quebec (16 miles from the US border -- NY and VT being our close neighbours)...thank you!

  4. margaret, it's really hard to do selfies and smile...i'm not like my teens were! i remember that you grew up 'next door" to here. i know that area, sometimes we go to fromagerie kaiser in noyen to buy their delicious cheese.

  5. The paper has some sort of "hand spun" look.
    And those trees are breathtaking!

  6. Gorgeous trees and stalks and birds and jumpers and family and yarn and paper! Autumn is a fine time.

  7. neki, the paper is totally organic. *grin*
    fiona, those trees plus the field and the sunlight, oh, my.

  8. Hi V - so much happening in your autumn time - a time of colours and encroaching early sunsets and later sunrises. Good to be able to push back with your creativity. Looks like it was a comfortable time to have H home. Go well. B

  9. barry, it was a lovely respite from some of the craziness of this intense autumn.


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