Wednesday, December 28, 2016


this has been a doozie of a year.
so many losses.
so much sadness.
a terrible election process and a worse result.
more evidence of global warming.
and yet...
and yet...there remains 
the generosity of plants
the kindnesses of human beings
the love of our animal companions
brave people
art, and the joy of using tools. 
recently my son ian went public 
asking for financial help via gofundme.
he is hoping to pay his counseling bills.
ian's campaign came online just after amanda degener started
one for bridget o'malley (these two are Cave Paper).
bridget has had a health crisis.
these two remind me of amanda palmer
who has made a case that asking 
is ok to do.
 yesterday i went out to my meadow
and harvested milkweed in the mild winter weather
sharpened by wind.
(i remember harvesting milkweed one year on skis
the snow was knee high or so.)
last night,
unfinished though i worked seven hours stripping the bast,
i had time to ponder asking
giving, receiving,
and realize i have to rethink all of this.
 on ian's gofundme one woman donated the cost of a pack of cigarettes. 
this strikes me as generous
and sacrificial.
some friends of mine have contributed, too.
abundance shared is beautiful.
here's a photo taken out the kitchen window at the new place
i call HOME.
 and our old barn at my old place,
so loved by my kids and me continues  
returning to earth.
 one stalk of milkweed,
waiting for me, perhaps,
or a songbird next spring might 
harvest the fibers for nest making.
the generosity of plants
and i ponder gratitude.


  1. Thank you for your own generous sharing of thoughts, ponderings, makings...Sending you blessings for the New Year.

  2. margaret, i really appreciate your thoughtful reading here. thank you.

  3. so many things to think about here V - the long hours needed to doggedly work with the milkweed and be able to use it; the care we all need to share and give to folk who are feeling lost and untethered; the kindness of people; the slow loss of beautiful places that have meant home to us; it's all here V as well as the word doozie which is pitch perfect! As the year closes, let us go gently, calmly, hopefully and kindly into the new one...

  4. fiona, you, too, have had a doozie of a year. let's learn our lessons and move forward with gentleness, kindness, calm and hope. and good friends!

  5. May there be peace in your year. I look forward to following you here.

  6. It really was something. That year.
    Maybe this one too...
    Thanks for sharing your world.

  7. liz, that's really good to hear, both things.
    jude, well, we must just wait and see. but, oh. i like yours, too.


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